ZEV Delivers the ZEV 10 LRC (225 km/140 m range) Fast Electric Motor Scooter

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April 8, 2013 (MMD Newswire) -- ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle) strives to be the manufacturer of "The World's Fastest and Longest Range Electric Scooters". The launch of LRC was to make sure that the bike is clearly the world's longest range electric motor scooter and to also beat the electric motorcycles of competitors. Photos of the new bikes and full details can be seen at http://zelectricvehicle.com/22.html

- The new ZEV 10 LRC (Long Range Commuter) electric motor scooter achieved 225 km/140 mile range and speeds to 128 kmh/80 mph in testing.

- Sustained cruising on the Interstate yielded 129 km/80 mile range at 120 kmh / 75 mph.

zev fast electric motor scooter  ZEV Delivers the ZEV 10 LRC (225 km/140 m range) Fast Electric Motor Scooter

The ZEV 10 LRC utilizes the largest lithium battery pack on any electric scooter with total battery capacity of 10 Kwh, larger than found in hybrid cars. This battery pack utilizes Li-ion LFMPchemistry.

The LRC uses a 10 kw continuous power rated motor with peak power of 15,000 watts. Unique among performance electric vehicles, the ZEV uses a hub motor where the motor is contained completely inside the rear wheel. The outside of the motor is the tire rim and the axle is fixed as the stator, thereby eliminating all moving parts except the bearings. The rim and tire rotate around the fixed stator. This eliminates the need for parts wear, maintenance of a chain or belt drive and the efficiency losses that arise from using chains and belts. The 10 LRC was created in response to customers asking for:

1. More range at high continuous speeds

2. More storage space on the bike so that they could haul big bulky loads

3. More weather protection in a fuller fairing coupled with heated clothing.

ZEV has discovered its market to be the commute to work rider. They bought the bikes for the lack of maintenance and lack of the associated maintenance costs that are the time saving aspects of electric. No oil and filter changes, no chains and belts to adjust or replace The owners tell ZEV that the time it takes to charge the battery is of little consequence, just so the "tank is full" when they leave for work in the morning. With the large battery capacity, the need to even charge more than one time a day is generally eliminated. Sharply increasing the mass fraction of the vehicle that is battery has another big effect on the battery - the last much longer. Batteries that are run to depletion have short lives. When the vehicle is packed with battery, it is rarely run far enough or hard enough to deplete the battery before they are charged again. The life of the battery soar.

It was also time savings, not money savings that the owners valued most. Even when maintenance is required, it is a far easier, less time consuming, and less costly affair to go electric than with gasoline. The more analytical customer document that the time to do all of the maintenance on a gasoline bike, the time going to and from the dealer, and the time to go to the gas station amounts to about 68 hours over 20,000 miles for the gas scooter. Life cycle cost analysis by ZEV customers indicate that it costs approximately 60% less to drive a ZEV than to drive a gasoline fueled scooter of equal performance and cost to the ZEV electric if the bike is driven to the point of battery replacement. These customers report full costs not including depreciation of 12 cents/mile. Fuel costs on test bikes show Fuel costs run about $.0127/mile or about $127 per 10,000 miles in the Ohio/WV/Pa area of the USA.

This lack of maintenance and the ability for customers to work on their own electric bikes without high technical skill are one reason the ZEV are sold all over the world even where they do not yet have dealerships. In the areas where ZEV does not have dealers, ZEV ships the bike worldwide direct to the customer's door. Service can be done by any normal motorcycle shop as the extreme simplicity of the electric bike and the radically less parts count and no moving parts design make repairs very simple.

The new ZEV 10 LRC has a introductory MSRP of $13,900.

For more information on the new ZEV 10 LRC or other ZEV see the company website at www.zelectricvehicle.com Contact sales@zelectricvehicle.com


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