New phishing email targets those who buy wow accounts

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MMORPG World of Warcraft is again being hit with a new phishing scheme for those who buy wow accounts.

(MMD Newswire) October 2, 2009 -- Those who buy wow accounts, buy Aion accounts , or Buy World of Warcraft accounts are again being targeted by a new phishing scheme that lets attackers steal players' "gold" in game by luring players with offers of free riding or flying mounts that are used in the online game according to security researchers at F-secure.

Like most phishing emails, this is an attack that exploits the wow based in game chat or emails sent from a seemingly legitimate source. That link then takes the players to a site that looks exactly like World of Warcraft and offers them free mounts. If the victim falls for the "free mounts" phishing scam and enters his online credentials, the attack can then take over his gaming account and steal all of the gold or other items of value the player has accumulated during gameplay.

"This is like physical property, it can be traded," said Sean Sullivan, security researcher at F-Secure about the value of the online game's items like "gold" and "mounts," which can bring money in auctions in sites in China, for example. The latest phishing scam to hit WoW, which F-Secure describes here, is a new twist on some of the older attacks that made use of malicious banner ads on WoW to try and install trojans on victim's desktops.

Sullivan added that over two years ago, eBay declared a ban on auctioning WoW items like fantasy "gold," apparently because of the fraud level. The current "mounts" phishing scam allows the successful attacker to steal whatever treasures the victim has associated with the WoW account, and then to go after other victims. F-Secure's Internet Security 2010 product recognizes this type of phishing scam and blocks against it, the vendor says.

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