Village at Beardslee Crossing Apartments and Retail - The Gateway into Bothell’s Revitalized Downtown

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(MMD Newswire) February 12, 2014 -- Since ground-breaking in July 2012, Bothell residents have watched with growing interest as construction activity at The Village at Beardslee Crossing has increased. Known as "The Village" and located where Beardslee Boulevard intersects I-405, is an exciting new community of 450 urban-style rental apartments that includes a complementary 50,000 square feet of retail and commercial space that will offer convenience to residents, visitors and passers-by.

Local celebrity chef John Howie was proud to announce that he will be establishing his newest restaurant in The Village. The Beardslee Ale House will serve chef inspired pub food and feature beer and spirits made in-house at the Ale House Brewery and Wildwood Distillery. Developer Steve Cox had the following to say about John Howie's involvement in the Village: "we are very excited to have the Beardslee Ale House concept by John Howie come to the Village at Beardslee Crossing. The Ale House will offer an unparalleled premium casual dining experience with a vast selection of ales, wines and spirits, in house brewery and distillery. In addition, visitors will be greeted by a friendly staff, great music and vintage architectural design including wood tables and décor made from a historic Sequoia tree that was preserved from the Village site and repurposed as a nod to the history of Bothell and our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices"

Village at Beardslee Crossing Apartments and Retail - The Gateway into Bothell’s Revitalized Downtown

Commonly known as the gateway to Bothell, the location reaches out to the campus and downtown districts as well as to the business park. The Village is within easy walking distance to the North Creek Business Park, University of Washington, Bothell, and Cascadia Community College campuses and provides easy access to the Burke Gillman Trail. Connecting the Eastside from Issaquah to Seattle, the Trail offers walking and biking access for commuters and recreational enthusiasts. Whether walking for exercise, picnicking with friends, or commuting to Seattle, Redmond or Issaquah, the trail is one of Bothell's great treasures.

With regard to The Village's proximity to the campus, UW Bothell Chancellor, Wolf Yeigh says, "It is exciting for us to watch, and be a part of, the continued growth of the City of Bothell. We welcome the Village and are pleased that UW Bothell students, faculty and staff will have an additional venue for residential life, shopping and entertainment."

Village at Beardslee Crossing Apartments and Retail - The Gateway into Bothell’s Revitalized Downtown

Behind The Village are long-time Bothell resident Steve Cox, president of West Ridge Land Corp, and partner Jim Billingsley, CEO of Woodbridge Homes. They each have over 30 years of experience in building residential communities. Passionate about Bothell, they are committed to providing a planned community that is stylish, convenient, technologically advanced, and environmentally responsible.

Steve Cox says, "I have been developing in Bothell for more than 25 years and have lived here since 2001. This community is my home and I am passionate about creating projects that will preserve the beauty of our city and enhance its value. I am excited about this project because it will provide high-end housing for UW faculty, staff, and students as well as for local and regional business men and women. The inclusion of retail space will also provide local jobs."

Jim Billingsley adds, "We have a history of development partnerships in the Bothell area and are proud to be part of such an exciting new community that will provide new and existing Bothell residents with a first-rate urban living experience that offers exceptional value in the heart of all that Bothell has to offer."

The Village is an apt way to welcome people into the "new Bothell." Over the last several years, Bothell's proactive Council and Planning Department have been behind changes made to the city's downtown core. These changes include the re-alignment of highway SR 522. Council and Planning Department have worked for positive growth by creating infrastructure improvements and by encouraging public-private partnerships for development with a vision of making Bothell a more pedestrian- friendly and desirable place to live and work.

Newly elected Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed, a long-time supporter of this new community, has the following to say about the Village: "The Village creates a much needed connection between the North Creek Business Park, the UW Bothell and Cascadia campuses and the new Downtown Bothell. This new community will bring jobs, amenities and quality housing to Bothell. We are excited and proud to have The Village as part of our City".

For more information on the Village at Beardslee Crossing, visit their website at or visit the pre-leasing office located onsite at 19115 112th Avenue NE, Bothell, Washington just seconds from the Beardslee exit/entrance on the I-405.


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