Company asks President Obama, Donate 1,000,000 USD to Charity or Raise Awareness on YoutTube

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July 4, 2011 (MMD Newswire) - - A new company has now opened its 4th of July invitation to the President of America, Barack Obama. The invitation to be one of the first Americans to try the company's world's best hangover cure, this 4th of July, prior to its US campaign launching in bars, nightclubs and college campuses across California and New York late August.

The move comes only hours after the company issued a press release inviting funnyman, creator of "Chappelle's Show", Dave Chappelle to try the cure.

The company announced it would raise the stakes to another $1,000,000, to a charity of the Presidents choice if he accepts the invitation and its terms. In the event the President feels hangover free, the company asks that the President shoot and upload a series of videos on YouTube, to help the company raise online awareness for alcohol abuse in the US.

When asked about the Company's views on building a hangover free United States, the 21-year-old Co-Founder of the company Daniel N. Ivachev said, "Can the people of The United States of America wake up hangover free? Yes we can." The young Co-Founder humorously added, "Perhaps we could organize a visit to Manhattan's Scores gentlemen's club? Similar to our former Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's visit in 2003."

Sales Directors AJ Chand and Eddy Valentin said "It is a very exciting prospect working hand in hand in the United States with other organizations. Educating the public on responsible drinking, and create huge awareness not only in the United States but worldwide."

About TheFeelGoodFactory:

TheFeelGoodFactory is an Australian based company. It is the maker of the worlds most superior anti-hangover shot IVY, launching in the US, late August 2011. The company is Co-Founded by self-made millionaire brothers David & Daniel Ivachev, protégés of International Best Seller, and successful Businessman Ronnie Kagan.



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