New novel portrays quiet beach community struck by serial abductions

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"The Shortcut" by W.A. Sabol follows gritty detectives unraveling a dark web of conspiracy that lies beneath a town's sleepy, bucolic facade

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas (MMD Newswire) August 29, 2011 - - "The Shortcut" (ISBN 1463620551) by W.A. Sabol aims to offer a thrilling mystery sparked by the disappearance of a vacationing woman.

When Don and Jean Beaumont arrive at their East Texas beach house for the weekend, they expect a relaxing time with friends and neighbors. As the couple prepares for dinner that night, Jean leaves for the local convenience store to get more ice. Hours later, only her parked car in the convenience store lot remains and no one knows where she is. Distraught and desperate for answers, Don hires Prestige Investigators to assist the local sheriff's deputy in what is quickly becoming a massive case. The private eyes discover that women have been disappearing from the area at an alarming rate and begin to find surprising connections between the victims. The shocking truth behind the crimes rock the small Texas beach town and test the Prestige team to the limit.

"The process for my novel started coming into focus around 1995," Sabol says. "As time went on, the initial idea started to grow and the list of characters came along for the ride. Placing fictional characters in real or perceived places gives me a rush of adrenaline to the point where I am exhilarated and have to break away from it."

Intended to appeal to fans of mysteries and psychological thrillers, the book is designed to be a classic who-done-it with a surprising twist at the end. The book also introduces characters intended to return in later novels and set the stage for an ongoing series of mysteries.

"The Shortcut" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

W.A. Sabol is a Texas-based novelist and songwriter. Born and raised in Bristol, Pa., Sabol has worked in health care facilities management for more than two decades. He is married with one son and owned a beach house on the Bolivar Peninsula, the setting for "The Shortcut," before Hurricane Ike destroyed the house and that beach community.


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