The Catwalk In Your Living Room

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London, UK (MMD Newswire) November 16, 2009 -- Up-and-coming footwear designer Dionne Gooding knows shoes-and she sure knows how to throw a party.

"Like most women, I love shoes," Gooding says. "But I always found it hard to get exactly what I wanted." Though she owns over a hundred pairs, most of them are of her own design, or old favourites that have been recycled, refurbished and reborn through Gooding's innovative creative process. Not only does she sell her own sparkling, sexy-yet-comfortable line of pumps, high heels and courts at and in London and Kent boutiques; she also transforms old shoes into brand-new ones by adding elements like studs, flowers, feathers and Swarovski crystals-creating affordable, exquisite custom shoes to suit the dream vision of each individual client.

Now, Gooding takes her fun on the road. She's created a whole new phenomenon: the Shoe Party.

Who doesn't love shopping for shoes with her girlfriends? Gooding's Shoe Parties come right to her clients' homes, gardens and offices. Women of all ages love to gather for Gooding's laughter-filled, creatively inspired shindigs, where she helps guests dream, choose and design just the shoes they've always been looking for.

shoe party shoe party 2

Hostesses (who get a half-price pair of shoes and ten percent off all party sales) gather ten or more friends together to meet the fun-loving designer and check out her funky, elegant designs. Wine is poured, snacks enjoyed, competitive shoe-trivia games played, cool shoe prizes won-and each guest seizes her chance to strut her stuff on a mini-catwalk in Dionne Gooding shoes. Shoe Party girls can bring along old shoes to transform, with the inspired help of Gooding and her trimmings, fabrics and style folders. And they can snap up her exclusive, limited-edition designs at great prices. At the end of the night, each guest leaves with both her shoes and her social life reinvigorated.

Gooding also sources fabric to custom-match shoes with favorite outfits, specializing in shoes for brides and bridesmaids in both African and traditional weddings. But no one's dream shoe is out of the realm of possibility for this dynamic twenty-five year-old designer.

"I got tired of seeing boring shoes in High Street stores and unique, luxurious shoes in designer stores that I couldn't afford," Gooding says. "So I decided to do my own amazing shoes at High Street prices."

Your street, that is.

Dionne Gooding's creations are featured at Paraphernalia and NX Boutique in South London, The Mixx in Kent, and online at

Contact: Dionne Gooding
Tel: 07984329633


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