Childhood toy brings woman back to her mysterious beginnings in new fictional drama

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"The Rocking Horse" by Gloria Zachgo portrays the heartbreak and struggles faced when a child disappears and resurfaces over two decades later

SALINA, Kan. (MMD Newswire) August 23, 2011 - - Gloria Zachgo indulged her artistic side with writing and painting after selling her business and raising her children. Her debut fictional drama, "The Rocking Horse" (ISBN 1463557302), shows readers how choices made in life can set off a chain reaction that affects those surrounding us and in future generations.

Jenny Lynn Preston was just 2 years old when her life was completely changed. Her mother, great aunt and great uncle were brutally murdered and she mysteriously disappeared right after. While her grandparents struggled to cope with the heartbreak of losing their daughter, family members and young granddaughter, local sheriff Will Barclay dealt with guilt from his own involvement with the murders. But the crime remained unsolved and continued to haunt all parties involved.

Decades later, a woman with the alias Julie Hendricks is led to a small Midwestern town by a childhood toy and the hopes of avoiding her abusive husband. The young woman learns how to live on her own for the first time in her life and slowly builds her self-esteem and makes new friends. When learning about her new town's history, Julie begins to connect the dots that she may be Jenny Lynn Preston, who vanished 22 years ago.

With the help of her new friends, including Dan Barclay, she heads to Chicago to visit her father and learn her childhood history. But fate intervenes, and a suspicious accident takes her father's life before questions can be answered. The woman Julie always believed was her mother has few details about her past, but it may be too late as her dangerous husband finds her in the small town.

"I have often wondered where families find the strength to cope with the unimaginable heartache of the disappearance of a child," Zachgo says. "When I saw a toy rocking horse, the story of a missing child who had grown into an adult with the rocking horse as the only link to her past came to me."

Zachgo's dramatic story aims to entertain readers as well as give them an idea as to how families deal with the emotional and mental difficulties of having a child or loved one disappear.

"The Rocking Horse" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

While raising her children, Gloria Zachgo ran a small business. But once her children left home and she sold the business, she experienced a major case of empty nest syndrome. Fortunately, Zachgo was able to turn the situation into a positive and she began pursuing new interests, such as painting and writing. After writing a short memoir for her children, she joined a writing group to improve her skills, which ignited her passion for writing fictional short stories.


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