Pioneers in Stem Cell Nutrition praise new best-selling book

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San Clemente, CA (MMD Newswire) June 27, 2013 -- Stemtech International, Inc., the stem cell nutrition company®, salutes another milestone for the new dietary supplement category which they created. With major US publications calling 2013 "the year of the stem cell", the positive public reaction to the book entitled "The Amazing Power of Stem Cell Nutrition" by Allan Somersall, MD, PhD is another positive step in creating the awareness of how stem cell technology is now accessible by everyone, without the controversy or risk.

Ray C. Carter, Jr., the President & CEO of Stemtech said, "Dr. Somersall's latest best seller helps to clearly distinguish between stem cell nutrition and stem cell medicine. Indeed the future promise of stem cell medicine is real, but stem cell nutrition is making a major impact on wellness TODAY".

Under the direction of the company's Chief Science Officer Christian Drapeau, MSc, who has been in the vanguard of research into the role of adult stem cells in the body from the late 1990's, Stemtech's scientists have developed a full line of natural nutritional supplements that support the work of adult stem cells in their role as the body's daily natural renewal system. The patented and patent-pending products formulated by Stemtech support stem cell physiology for enhanced daily renewal.

Drapeau noted, "now that the general public better understands that adult stem cells are the natural renewal system of the body, Dr. Somersall's book is a welcome next step to bring awareness to clinically documented, natural ways to support this recently discovered system."

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About Stemtech International:

Founded in 2005 by President & CEO Ray C. Carter, Jr., and Chief Science Officer Christian Drapeau, Stemtech began as a company with a single patented product, StemEnhance®, a unique formula of concentrated blue-green algae, aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). In the years since, Stemtech has developed products for both humans and animals that enhance the natural renewal system of the body.

Drapeau, a botanical researcher and pioneer in stem cell science, has demonstrated that adult stem cells function as the natural renewal system of the body. Stemtech's products enhance the work of the body's stem cells by supporting the release of more stem cells, helping to circulate them in the blood and migrate them into tissues, where they can perform their daily function of renewal for optimal health.

Under the guidance of Carter, a leader in the direct sales industry and talented business strategist who heads a very experienced executive team, Stemtech supports a robust network of independent distributors meeting a worldwide demand that encourages global expansion. The company has open markets in more than twenty countries on six continents. For further information visit:


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