Shauna's Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings (R) Go National

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Shauna Anderson intended to launch a national campaign of her famous Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings from her new Restaurant The Chitlin Market on Ager Road in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Media Contact:  Elizabeth Place 860.946.9665


Shauna's Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings® Go National after Being Driven out of Hyattsville, Maryland by Local Politicians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Washington D.C.:   Shauna Anderson intended to launch a national campaign of her famous Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings from her new Restaurant “The Chitlin Market” on Ager Road in Hyattsville, Maryland.  But local politicians and business leaders did not want a “chitlin” business in their community.  This African American heritage food, treasured by families for centuries, was not deemed suitable for the Hyattsville’s redevelopment plan.

The irony is that Shauna Anderson is a successful African-American entrepreneur providing a treasured product to a diverse international customer list of over 5,000.  Government officials prevented an entrepreneur from opening a business because it didn’t meet their preconceived development image – even though customers were clammering for her product.  This is a national story that happens everyday to small business people.

But Shauna Anderson has never let small-minded people get in her way. She is now launching her national marketing campaign to bring Shauna’s Hand Cleaned Chitlins to restaurants across the country, which will appear on menus as a trusted, premium brand in the same vein as Smithfield Hams® and Angus Beef®.   

Increasingly consumers want to know where their food comes from, especially perishable products such as seafood and pork.  Shauna has been named as “the source” for Chitlins by national media and cookbook authors including Saveur Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and John T. Edge in his 2007 book Southern Belly. Shauna’s work with Chitterlings has also been installed in the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum.  

As restaurants across the country have learned, Chitterlings are difficult to source, clean, and cook.  Shauna learned to clean and cook Chitlins from her grandmother who was taught by her grandparents. Shauna has since perfected the hand cleaning of Chitlins for large scale distribution.  It is a valued tradition and skill that Shauna intends to continue.  As she has learned, families want Chitlins at their celebrations but nobody wants to clean them!

Shauna’s authored OFFAL GREAT: Memoirs of The Chitlin Queen which recounts her childhood, early accounting career at the IRS, the grand success of her online Hand Cleaned Chitlin Business and the dramatic trials of trying to open her Chitlin Restaurant on Ager Road in Hyattsville, Maryland.  She is currently writing her second book documenting the launch of her national brand and her quest to resolve the ‘Ager Road’ injustice.  Shauna plans to offer her books, private label seasonings and Chitlin memorabilia to restaurants carrying her Hand Cleaned Chitterlings.

Restaurants interested in Shauna’s Hand Cleaned Chitterlings are encouraged to visit her website and request a sales information kit.

Media Contact:  Elizabeth Place 860.946.9665


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