Rust Hacks Released for the Rust Game Alpha on the PC

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January 9, 2014 (MMD Newswire) -- The team at have been ultra busy over the holiday period and are pleased to announce the release of their Rust hacks for the Rust game Alpha test version. The forum on their website is buzzing with this development and as a testament to the commitment and effort these guys put in; they have released tons of features exclusive to

Focusing on survival, Rust is an intriguing game and one of the few PC game releases over the past year which has gone down the Alpha version route. This is a relatively new concept to gaming, where game developers release games still in development onto the market, allowing players to help shape the game's development while raising funding for the developers to continue working on the game. Now what does this have to do with hacks? Well in games which do not release Alpha versions to the market, hacks can only be developed when the game is released. Unlike the situation we have at the moment where Rust hacks have been developed and are proving very popular, they otherwise would not have been available.

Rust Hacks Released for the Rust Game Alpha on the PC

As the game is in a state of constant flux with ongoing updates and changes, so the Rust hacks will also require constant updating. However as things stand the hacks offer a way to enjoy the game at a different level, more like having your pie and eating it.

Getting dropped into a hostile environment naked and having to fend for yourself to survive is the key focus of Rust. Without the Rust hack it may take you a while to progress through the game, leaving you vulnerable to other established players. Rust hacks will help you get ahead of the competition faster. They allow you to locate the enemy's hiding positions, acquire weapons and even develop speed with the speed hack.

The development team is very proud to deliver Rust hacks with the best visuals, better than any Rust hack available now. Not only do they offer some of the best hacks in gaming, they also have a vibrant community of dedicated gamers. Next time you are in Rust and you see the guy going faster than everyone else and standing out from the rest, they most likely have a Rust hack from Although some players feel that there is something about hacks which goes against their morals, most agree that they make gaming even more fun.

One thing you can bet on with the Team, they are really competitive and want to have the best Rust hacks out there. This means that they will continue working as Rust evolves to make even better hacks. Head over on to today and get your Rust hacks today.


For more information and to get your hands on the brand new Rust hacks please visit the forum by clicking here.

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