Risk-free Prenatal Testing Breakthrough

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Danish Biotech Company, FCMB, has discovered a breakthrough in risk-free prenatal diagnostic.


Vejle, Denmark (MMD Newswire) December 29, 2008 -- Danish Biotech Company, FCMB, has discovered a breakthrough in risk-free prenatal diagnostic. For the first time specific gene expression information from fetal cells isolated from maternal blood samples is available. FCMB has created a cDNA library originating from fetal cells revealing expression patterns different from maternal blood cells.

“This is a major step forward towards our goal to provide a tool for a reliable noninvasive prenatal diagnostic to all pregnant women. We are excited that our risk-free method for diagnostic testing will revolutionize prenatal care,” said Andreas Eckelt, CEO of FCMB, Fetal Cells in Maternal Blood. He continued, “Based on the obtained expression information it will be possible to specifically select such cells from a pregnant woman’s blood sample. Accessing fetal cells for subsequent genetic analysis without the need of invasive methods will lead to a paradigm shift in prenatal disease management.”

It has been known for the past four decades that throughout pregnancy, fetal cells pass the placenta and circulate in the maternal bloodstream. Collecting fetal cells from a maternal blood sample for subsequent molecular diagnostics is difficult because there are very few of them in a blood sample. In order to distinguish them from maternal blood cells one needs to have a very specific marker. To create such markers it’s necessary to know what is different in fetal cells in relation to maternal blood cells. The knowledge of this difference, the specific protein occurring only in fetal cells, is what allows selection of those cells. A gene expression profile, obtained by a combination of cDNA library and micro array experiments, reveals such differences and is the base for developing this fetal cell recognition system. FCMB has created this breakthrough cDNA library using proprietary preparation methods.

About the Company:
FCMB, based in Vejle, Denmark, is a molecular diagnostics company that develops a system for prenatal genetic analysis. FCMB is committed to developing new, no risk diagnostic method to assess genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. Their team includes world-class scientists within the field of fetal cell research and experts in prenatal testing.

Contact information:
Andreas Eckelt
CEO, Managing Director
Phone: +45 61276927
Email: ae@fcmb.dk
Website: www.FCMB.dk

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