Nonfiction quantum physics book explains why it isn't your fault that you've lost your keys again

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (MMD Newswire) September 13, 2012 -- Which reality are we to believe? Our minds and logic tell us that the world in which we live is real. It's concrete. It's particulate. We can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and hear it. Science, on the other hand, suggests something else. Our minds may be deceiving us. The world, when we are not observing it, is totally different.

We have always believed, when we closed our eyes or slept, that the world maintained its basic shape and substance...that is, things would be essentially the same when we woke up as when we went to sleep. The Copenhagen Interpretation tells us, however, that this simple assumption is not necessarily the case. When the world sleeps, our Universe may transform into a nonmaterial fairyland of ghostly waves and electromagnetic energy. Nothing is real―as we know it―anymore. Yet, when we awake, everything is just as we left it―or is it?

T. Lee Baumann quantum physics book

Are my car keys really where I left them last night?

The Copenhagen Interpretation may explain why we can't locate those mischievous keys. Specifically, it states that, up until the time of observation, my car keys exist as a host of probabilities―as waves, including the possibility that they are now two inches, two feet, or even two miles from their last observed location.

In Medusa of Time, Dr. Baumann reconciles the age-old question of why human observation appears to cause the collapse of the enigmatic wave function of quantum mechanics.

Baumann continues to succeed where others have failed ― he transforms complex scientific concepts to understandable terms, even for the non-scientist.

In this text, Lee Baumann explains the history behind Heisenberg's "Kopenhagener Geist der Quantentheorie" and utilizes our recent technologic advances to redefine the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics. Baumann reveals how the inconsistencies and "incomplete" nature of the original theory can be resolved by accepting the extra-dimensionality of any wave's natural, timeless state. Observation doesn't transform waves to particles ― time does. Time does more than cause clocks to tick and our bodies to age. Time demands that the world in which we live exists as particulate matter. Waves, like Einstein's photons of special relativity, exist only outside of time ― and outside of our human reality.

Lose your keys again? It may not be your fault!

Medusa of Time: How Technology Redefines Copenhagen by T. Lee Baumann is available for sale online at (including Kindle) and other Internet booksellers.

About the Author

T. Lee Baumann of Birmingham, Alabama is an author, lecturer, and physician. His first book, God at the Speed of Light, helped to inspire the CBS TV series "Joan of Arcadia." Baumann has also appeared in television documentaries by Grizzly Adams Productions and Alabama Public TV. Of special note: all proceeds from Dr. Baumann's books go to support his "God at the Speed of Light" college scholarship endowments throughout the southeastern United States.

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