'Cougar Lifts' On the Rise

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The number of women age 45 and over choosing to have breast enhancements has doubled

Procedures popular among cougars include facial fillers and buttock implants

Leading the 'Cougar Lifts' trend are stars like Demi Moore, Kylie and Madonna

June 28, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- Britain's largest and longest running cosmetic surgery group, Transform, has noted the number of patients 45 years of age and older receiving breast enhancements has doubled since 2008.

Women aged 45 and over, or 'cougars' as they're commonly called, have undergone a significant number of enhancement procedures, Transform says. These procedures include buttock implants, dermal filler and breast enlargements. Experts are now referring to this trend as 'Cougar Lifts'.

In fact, one in five of Transform's breast enhancement patients are now aged 45 and over.

Transform's breast augmentation patients now consist of 20% cougars (same fact as above). This amount has doubled since 2008 (same fact as first para). At that time, 50% of their buttock implant patients were aged 18-30 years while only 15% of patients undergoing this procedure were 45 or older. In 2010, however, 27% of patients choosing buttock implants are aged 18-30 while 'cougars' now make up 30% of the total number of patients.

"As women get older, they lose body fat. This makes their skin sag and leave the patient looking older. Now women are taking advantage of this and loving their plump look. This leaves them looking far healthier and younger than ever before," explains Transform spokesperson Shami Thomas.

"Women used to try achieving the 'gaunt' or 'skinny' look that was so popular. Now, women have learned filling their various body parts makes them look much healthier and younger. Even the stars are doing it. Demi Moore, for example, looks like she had breast augmentation done to look a little curvier. People have also noticed Madonna has a fuller-looking face. Some even say it's fuller than when she was a child," said Thomas.


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Editors Notes

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group is Britain's largest and most popular cosmetic surgery group network with 35 years experience and 24 clinics across the UK

Transform offer a comprehensive and extensive post-operative care programme, which is included in the cost of the treatments. The programme serves to ensure that recovery is as swift and problem free as possible.

Transform work with highly qualified and specialist cosmetic surgeons and nursing staff.

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