Security Expert Jordan Frankel Educates NYC Security Professionals on Facility Glass Protection

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April 26, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- Not long ago, Times Square located in the heart of New York City was simply not a nice place to visit. Unfortunately Times Square was host to drug dealers, prostitutes and common thieves. However in recent years a new association was formed to change the image and rid undesirables from the area. The association known as The Times Square Redevelopment Group or BID , BID Once again has made Times Square a major attraction for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

The streets are clean, drug dealing is a thing of the past and huge companies such as Toy Are Us, MTV, And ABC Television are enjoying great success in this highly populated area of Manhattan.

Since the tragic day of 911 most large corporations had to reassess there current security measures. One of the major contribing factors to injuries and even fatalities was flying glass both from the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings. With this said Mr. Jordan Frankel Vice President of ShatterGARD Window Protection Films and world-renowned glass protection expert was summoned to educate security professionals in and around NYC. NASDAQ hosted the meeting and attendees included representatives of Morgan Stanley, Fox News, NYPD, Bear Stearns and American Stock Exchange.

See ShattreGARD Video Demo:

ShatterGARDs flagship product BlastGARD an anti-terrorism window film was applied to all of the glass surfaces of the NASDAQ Marketsite building in the heart of Times Square. BlastGARD is designed to keep the glass in tact and stuck to the film should an explosion occur. Other ShatterGARD clients include the FBI, The Museum of Natural History, Hoover Dam and The US Military.

Mr. Frankel stated it was a wonderful opportunity to educate the top security professionals of NYC on glass protection films. Much of the subject matter pertained to the affordability of window protection films and ease of installation to existing windows. It was important that everyone in attendance clearly understand that there is no need to replace the existing windows.

I believe the pivotal point in the meeting is when we had a NYPD officer strike a ShatterGARD treated window. The officer reapeatly struck the treated window and the glass simply would not break. Frankel said looking around the room and seeing the facial expressions was just awesome.

Mr. Frankel is available for magazine and television interviews. Contact: Mr. Jordan D. Frankel of ShatterGARD Window Protection Films @ 888-306-7998-14 or


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