Philosophy For Aliens - A Radical New Book Published Today (3 April)

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(MMD Newswire) April 3, 2013 -- Geoffrey Berg, a graduate of Cambridge University, England has launched his innovative new book 'Philosophy For Aliens'

It may well cause much controversy since it argues that many long held human assumptions are incompatible with logic.

'Philosophy For Aliens' argues that from whatever perspective (human, alien or artificial intelligence) things are viewed there are limits to knowledge caused by an inevitable 'universal uncertainty' which constitutes 'a philosophical black hole'.

This 'Philosophical Black Hole' represents an insurmountable limit to knowledge for any kind of intelligence.

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The main points Geoffrey Berg argues for (which contrast with the doctrines of all classical or leading philosophers) include:

- For most everyday and other knowledge people rely on an apparent regularity or 'nexus of causality' in their environment. Yet in future that nexus of causality may well break down or disintegrate entirely (making complex life impossible).

- No intellect can be certain of the extent of the Universe in either Time or Space or ultimately of its own relationship to the Universe as a whole. In the last resort no entity can know for certain that it is not somehow limited in its scope and one of its limitations is that it is unable to see or comprehend its own limitations. This is 'universal uncertainty'.

- 'Universal Uncertainty' applies even to any potential monotheistic God. No entity, including any otherwise potential God, can know for certain that it is not somehow limited in its scope and one of its limitations is that it is not able to see or comprehend its own limitations. So nothing can possibly identify even itself for certain as God. So God's existence is logically impossible.

- Universal uncertainty is applicable not only in logical terms but also if much Logic exists beyond human understanding (because on the same principle it could then exist beyond anything else's understanding) or even if Logic were wrong or inapplicable (because that would only lead to greater, more widespread ignorance and uncertainty, not greater knowledge).

Universal Uncertainty is therefore inescapable however much Logic may or may not apply to the Universe.

- There is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' inherent in the Universe. It is just a conceit or delusion of human minds to imagine that there is. What people can do in moral terms is formulate pragmatic conventions for human living.

Geoffrey Berg looks forward to participating in any controversy that his novel, yet logically incontrovertible, propositions (advocated and explained in greater detail in his book Philosophy for Aliens) may arouse. To this end complimentary copies of this book have been supplied to many library systems throughout the English speaking world and to relevant academic journals.

Philosophy For Aliens is available from good book stores, from Amazon and from the website - price US $14.99 or £8.99 (UK)

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