Expert Says "Personal Buzz" Tactics Will Save Jobs in 2009

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New York, NY (MMD Newswire) Jan 26, 2009 -- With Microsoft laying off 5,000 workers over the next 18 months and other high-tech job losses expected to mount, how can employees boost their odds of staying?

"Those employees who differentiate themselves will be around, and well paid, regardless of the economic climate," says David Seaman, author and new media expert.

Seaman's new book, Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz, has been mentioned in The New York Times and on E! Radio. In it, he suggests that personal "publicity stunts" and outrageous behavior will actually make you more valuable to the company, and thus harder to get rid of.

"If you are tying your name or face to the company's brand in some valuable way, or if you have found a way to make your 'personal brand' something other companies are vying for, you definitely won't have to worry about a depressing call from HR," he says.

With many economists saying the job slump could last through 2010 or beyond, "personal branding" is more important than ever before.

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