Director works to finish Obama for America staff documentary and use it as an educational tool

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(MMD Newswire) January 28, 2009 -- In May 2008, Jenn Shaw, a young, independent, female director was granted all access by Obama for America to film the Barack Obama Philadelphia field staff for an exclusive documentary.  She was told that she could use no outside funding and only her camera. This was a challenge of a lifetime. Over the course of 6 months, she was able to capture the real story of how groups of young people were able to change a community and overcome obstacles to win the election for Barack Obama. Although Barack Obama's message of hope was clear, incorporating it into local politics and the apathy within the communities was a challenge that had to be overcome. The organizers were often met with distrust and constant conflict. In addition, they dealt with personal struggles, internal organizational issues, and political corruption

“The organizers were representatives of people who were working to get President Barack Obama elected around the country”, said Jenn Shaw, film director and CEO of Jnine Media.  “My experience was unique. I was allowed to film a world no else was allowed to do independently. Obama's win was not easy and it is important that we take the knowledge learned to teach and organize future generations.”


As President Barack Obama promotes the need for social change, the director is working to use the film as a resource for future organizers.  Beginning Fall of 2009, a screening tour and media project will allow young people in universities, community centers, and schools to continue using the energy from the campaign to answer the essential "call for service" to create a better America and world.

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