New book explores development of black men

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Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood by Niinana Kweku, Ph.D., takes a look at what shapes black manhood and offers a holistic approach to achieving true manhood

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (MMD Newswire) June 30, 2010 -- Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood by Niinana Kweku, who has a doctorate in counseling psychology, seeks to reveal what events in a black boy's life most influence his development into a man.

Kweku spent decades working with troubled families. After seeing patterns of children of absentee fathers falling short in their development, he was inspired to record his experiences and report the flaws in an attempt to reconcile these families. Kweku believes that the increasing number of boys dropping out of school, failing school or incarcerated is directly related to broken homes or dysfunctional family relationships. In Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood, Kweku approaches this as an epidemic and strives to offer reasons why children end up on destructive paths. He also introduces the program he created to deal with familial problems and help lead children to change.

Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood seeks to explore the issues of culture and race and how these elements impact the cognitive, emotional and behavioral characteristics of black boys and men. Kweku presents the idea that male self-esteem is directly affected by gender, race, religion and oppression. In an effort to break the cycle of stunted progress that men can pass to their sons, Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood aims to identify theories, research, and intervention programs aimed at understanding and addressing the challenges young blacks face.

Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood is available online at and other channels.

About the Author
Niinana Kweku received his degree in social studies from Merritt College of Oakland and his master's degree in social work from Sacramento Theological Seminary. He also has a doctorate in counseling psychology from Sacramento Theological Seminary. Kweku has spent his professional career working with troubled families and returning veterans.

Dr. Niinana Kweku
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