Medusa Scientific Successfully Demonstrates Breakthrough Modulation Technology

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"..TM technology has just given us a 4-fold RF spectrum increase.."

TUCSON, AZ (MMD Newswire) July 16, 2013 -- TM Technologies, Inc., a division of Medusa Scientific, a closely-held Arizona based R&D company, announced today that its breakthrough modulation technology was successfully demonstrated following 3 years of intensive research and engineering.

"The technology, named Transpositional Modulation, or 'TM', is the first truly new form of modulation in more than a decade, and the only form of RF modulation that has real DC response and is completely transparent to other modulation forms," said Medusa Scientific's Chief Scientist Rick Gerdes.

"TM allows transmission of much higher data rates than is possible with other forms of modulation alone; can be added to existing modulations or can operate stand-alone; is immune to Doppler effects; can combine multiple different data streams into and out of a single signal, and; generally provides the capability to meet the data rate demands of UHD and other data-intensive RF requirements".

CEO David Bain said the management team realized early on that it wasn't the design of new mobile devices, TVs and gaming consoles that limits the technological pace, but the ability of these devices to send and receive data in ever-increasing measures given our limited bandwidth.

"It's universally known that bandwidth is indeed the limiting factor," Bain said. "With TM added, we can increase data rates from between 2 and 33 times over a given bandwidth NOT including what various new compressions like HEVC can add. When you consider the global bandwidth problem, our TM technology has just given us a 4-fold RF spectrum increase, and speeds that have heretofore been unattainable. It may not be the 'Holy Grail' that everyone has been waiting on, but its close."

The company expects to complete a prototype satellite modem for testing in August, which is expected to dramatically increase "bent-pipe" data rates and include an Ethernet port for adding additional signals into the transmitted data stream. Additionally, Medusa's scientists are completing, for demonstration in early September, a capability to stream UHD video for 4KTV via a single-signal transmission.

Medusa Scientific Chairman, Dan Hodges expects that in August the R&D company will begin seeking global commercialization partners to help with the implementation of the technology into the broadcast, telecom, satellite and WiGig industries.

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