MedSlant's Adel Camens has answers for heartburn, GERD, reflux, and snoring.

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The MedSlant folding wedge pillow provides drug free relief from heartburn, acid reflux, snoring, sinus congestion, sleep apnea, and more. Physician endorsed, patented, and portable, MedSlant uses gravity to keep acid down and airways open. Sleeping on a MedSlant is the simple, successful way to a healthier, more comfortable nights sleep.

Patented MedSlant™  Pillow Helps Acid Reflux Sufferers Sleep At Night

ATLANTA, October 22, 2007  When Adele Camens went to the doctor with a sore throat and returned with a diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or acid reflux), she was determined to follow the doctor’s orders and buy a slanted pillow to keep the acid down at night.  But Camens needed a slanted pillow that was at least 30 inches long, and there wasn’t one on the market.  So Camens sat down and invented one.

Seven years later, the MedSlant™ pillow ( ) has earned a patent for its innovative folding design, along with a loyal following of folks now sleeping soundly without the use of acid reflux medication at night- and many physician endorsements to boot.  As for Camens, she has been symptom-free since she began using the first MedSlant™ seven years ago.

MedSlant™ is a torso-length wedge pillow that elevates the user’s entire upper body using gravity to keep acid down where it belongs and out of the esophagus.  The result:- heartburn-free, drug-free sleep – a dream come true for the millions of Americans and their partners for whom acid reflux has created countless sleepless nights.

“The MedSlant pillow has improved my quality of life in several ways, stated Todd Hold, M.D.  “Besides the relief from reflux, I no longer have back pain in the morning and I have noticed that I don’t have sinus congestion headaches either.  (The MedSlant) pillow is truly a remarkable product both in comfort and performance.  I have recommended it to family, friends and patients.”

MedSlant™ also shines when users are away from home.  The pillow, constructed of sturdy, hypoallergenic foam with a washable, removable cover and an extra pillowcase, folds into a handy zippered, handled vinyl bag that will fit into any airline’s standard overhead bin.  MedSlant™ is 24 inches wide, seven inches high and 32 inches long when unfolded and can be used with or without a regular bed pillow.

MedSlant™ also promotes easier breathing – and easier sleep – during cold and flu season, as well as for those suffering from asthma, allergies, sinus problems, snoring, sleep apnea and a host of other conditions.  The pillow is available with an allergen barrier mite-proof encasement.  Thanks to its thoughtful design, MedSlant™ has earned multiple physician endorsements.

“The simple fact is, it takes gravity to keep acid down and airways open,” explained Camens, who, in addition to inventing the MedSlant™ pillow, is co-owner of the MedSlant™ company.  “So, in helping me, we created a product that is simple, affordable and helpful-because it works.  I am grateful that, through my struggle, I can now help other people improve the quality of their lives.”

The MedSlant  pillow starts at $69.95.   To learn more, visit .                  


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