Matlock Academy High School Invites International Students to Study Abroad in Florida

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Matlock Academy is a private high school that offers a separate international student program for foreign students to study in Florida. Matlock Academy offers small classrooms, individual attention, and tutoring for to help students learn the English language and the opportunity to learn in the United States.   

Matlock Academy is a private high school located in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is licensed by immigration to issue the I -20’s necessary for a student visa to study in the United States. Florida has beautiful weather all year long with sunny skies and breathtaking beaches. Matlock Academy offers small classes, individual attention and tutoring to help students learn the English language as well as becoming comfortable in their host home and country.

Matlock has rolling admissions, which enables students to be accepted into the program 12 months of the year. Students can start at any time because the Academy offers skills testing allowing for the correct subject and grade placement. This prepares them to become tomorrow’s global leaders. Matlock Academy provides a strong, reliable and challenging experience for international students seeking to complete high school in the U.S.

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At the Academy, teaching is personalized while learning is individualized. Our approach guarantees a cultural and learning experience for students from abroad. Past experience has demonstrated that our international students have been successful because at the Academy they are not just one of 3,000 faceless students like in a public high school. The students’ learning and safety are #1 priority, which contributes to their families’ feeling of security about their children while they are away from home. Due to our unique program, students excel at their studies.

The 9-12 grade curriculum includes intensive English classes, which are important for the future since the world language for business is English. The graduating senior fulfills all the requirements for graduation and college entrance while attending Matlock high school.  Advanced, honors, and dual enrollment classes are available. Coaching for the College Boards university entrance exams is done at the Academy’s campus, and our expert counselors who manage the process from start to finish handle university admissions. Matlock Academy graduates enter university or college 100% of the time.

The process of coming to Matlock starts with an email or phone call to the school. If a student determines that he or she would like to attend, then an application is forwarded to them, and once completed it is returned to Matlock. The Academy works very closely with the INS to insure that the applicant meets all criteria. It is up to the applicant to obtain the Visa, but Matlock is available for any questions relating to that process.

Matlock Academy wishes to assure the families and students who are considering studying at a high school in the United States that everyone at Matlock works to make their stay successful. The student will experience invaluable learning and make lifelong friends. Specifically, the visitors will retain English as a second language and be able to utilize it either for social reasons or business. Matlock Academy can enhance their learning and ensure that they have safely settled in Palm Beach County, Florida, in order to complete their high school and perhaps plan to attend University here as well.

Daphne Grad, M.S. the principal and founder of Matlock Academy, came to the U.S. when she was ten and did not speak English. Because of her experience during that time, she has great empathy for the students who arrive at Matlock. She knows how to communicate and motivate them to learn and to be proud of their accomplishments. The care and love that the staff at Matlock Academy gives to the international program does not miss a detail. Ms. Grad and her staff know that their students are working for a common goal: making a difference in the world.

To apply to the international program at Matlock Academy or for more information, please call us at 561-687-0327 or email us at The website for Matlock Academy is .


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