Magic Poop-Collector, the Pootrap is the Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers

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The Pootrap is set to launch this October, just in time for the holidays.

October 29, 2008 - - Pootrap invention makes cleaning up dog poop an easy task. Finally an invention for picking up dog poop that takes out the icky factor. The Pootrap is the perfect gift for any dog lover, germaphobes or even that pesky neighbor who lets his dog poop in everyone’s yard.

The Pootrap is the first of its kind, patented dog poop collector. There is no longer a need for a pooper scooper or messy baggies. The Pootrap is available in a variety of sizes and fits any size dog. This hands-free poop collector is placed on the dog just before going out for a walk. The Pootrap’s U-shape opening is placed at the base of the tail. The U-shape design allows for a perfect fit without any mess. Adjust the straps snugly for a nice fit to the dog’s body. The Pootrap must be in the correct position.  Then attach the harness to the dog’s collar. Then it’s time for a walk. The dog will eliminate in the bag. All the owner touches is the drawstring on the bag. (See video for better reference )

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“Walking your dog just got easier. With Pootrap, we stand by our slogan, no poops no oops! With a little training any dog can easily wear the Pootrap,,” comments Ron Wizgan, Pootrap USA president.

The Pootrap is set to launch this October, just in time for the holidays. The Pootrap sells for around $30, depending on size.

About the Company:
Ron Wizgan, spent many years working on innovative products. He is also the founder of ONTV Direct and Perfect Products USA.

Contact information:

Ron Wizgan
Phone: 1-888-POOTRAP   1(888)766-8727

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