New novel spoofs science fiction

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Tongue-in-cheek humor reigns in LLyn De Danaan's "Big Adventure on Moa Nui: The Very Mysterious Events on a South Pacific Island and Their Resolution" but not to the exclusion of attention to serious issues

OLYMPIA, Wash. (MMD Newswire) October 19, 2011 -- Unlike science fiction books that focus on the fight against evil forces, LLyn De Danaan's "Big Adventure on Moa Nui: The Very Mysterious Events on a South Pacific Island and Their Resolution" (ISBN 1466267054) follows quirky characters on a rather lighthearted escapade that makes for an unforgettable experience.

Anthropologist Fiona Elizabeth Kelly is called to assist residents of a South Pacific island who witness inexplicable events. As she investigates, she finds mysteries that involve, in the main, the female population of the island. Not only are older women waking up with tattoos they didn't have the night before, but also all of the women are menstruating at the same time every month.

As out of the ordinary incidents spread to island missionaries and household appliances, Kelly knows her work is critical. At first, her only companion is a dog, but eventually her allies and helpers expand to include other colorful islanders. With the help of a musket-toting cosmetic saleswoman, a reclusive poet and a Newfoundlander cello player, Kelly stumbles upon a scary discovery.

De Danaan's sojourn in the South Pacific inspired her to write about the region in a more eccentric way than typical stories. After witnessing some of the issues that residents deal with in the South Pacific, De Danaan wanted to bring them to the attention of readers in an unconventional manner.

"I was enchanted by the people and the lifestyle, but outraged at what I learned about nuclear tests in the South Pacific and abuse of powers and duplicity of colonial governments," De Danaan says.

Although the protagonist of the book is up against powerful toxic results of long term nuclear tests in the area, the serious subject matter doesn't take away from the zany ride readers will enjoy. Filled with clever allusions and eye-opening facts, "Big Adventure on Moa Nui" amuses as well as educates its readers.

"Big Adventure on Moa Nui: The Very Mysterious Events on a South Pacific Island and Their Resolution" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author LLyn De Danaan served in the Peace Corps in Sarawak, Malaysia for two years, and spent some time in the early 2000s teaching in Wuhan, China and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was a Fulbright recipient and occasionally appears as a guest speaker. De Danaan is a frequent research consultant for Washington Indian tribes and has been involved in writing social studies materials in collaboration with Indian educators and the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction's office. She is emerita faculty, The Evergreen State College. Her next nonfiction book is titled, "Katie Gale's Tombstone: Landscape, Power, and Justice on 19th Century Oyster Bay," to be published by University of Nebraska Press.


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