New Book - When Corruption is Involved, Even a Trip to the Zoo Can Be Dangerous

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Berkeley, CA (MMD Newswire) June 9, 2009 -- Before Siberian Tiger, Tatiana, escaped from her grotto to kill a teenage boy, Lloyd Kraal told zoo officials that an attack was imminent. His warnings were ignored. That warning turned out to be valid, but Lloyd was not around at the zoo for his "I told you so". He had been terminated.

"Welcome to the Zoo, A Whistleblower's Memoir" illustrates how city corruption can lead to deadly consequence. According to Kraal, "San Francisco was so corrupt that even the Zoo was tainted." His story is a chronology of his efforts to make a living in a city that was run by rules that are made up along the way.

Gain understanding into the San Francisco Tiger attacks that killed a teenage boy with his hard hitting memoir.

Contact Information:
Lloyd Kraal
(415) 847-7506


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