Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra Vows to Knockout Jose Canseco

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Lenny Dykstra vows to "destroy Jose Canseco" for ruining his baseball career at the Alki David's Celebrity Fight Night. Tareq Salahi graciously steps aside.

Beverly Hills CA (MMD Newswire) November 2, 2011 -- Alki David founder and CEO of FilmOn.com Networks announced today that he has approved the last minute change in the upcoming title fight between baseball snitch Jose Canseco and Tareq Salahi the Whitehouse Party Crasher.

"Canseco ruined my career by spreading lies. I called Tareq and begged him to let me take his place in the upcoming fight against Canseco." said Dykstra in statement.

The fight is due to take place on Nov 5th 2011, live from the Avalon Hollywood CA. The event will be streamed live on FIlmOn.com to a World Wide Internet audience and to every home connected to Cable Television in the United States.

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The Fights
Jose Canseco                         Vs   Lenny Dykstra
Joey Buttafuco                       Vs   Lou Ballera
Nadya "Octomom" Suleman              Vs   Amy Fisher
Coolio                               Vs   Jeremy Jackson
Tareq Salahi                         Vs   Kato Kaelin
Michelle "Bombshell" McGee           Vs   Violet Kowal
Tila Tequila                         Vs   TBA


Please note that Alki David's Celebrity Fight Night in no way wishes to represent itself as the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation a charitable trust. Both organizations share the same Trademark and any similarity is purely circumstantial.

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