LASERING USA partners with Serene Medical, Inc for complete wrinkle reduction treatment

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San Ramon, CA (MMD Newswire) January 9, 2012 -- LASERING USA announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Serene Medical, Inc in the USA. Serene manufactures the "Elora" RF (radio frequency) device for precise neuromodulation. Popular neuromodulators such as Botox (botulinum toxins) are being used for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. Botox blocks nerve receptors in the region from conducting signals and thus stops muscle motion. When the muscle is no longer activated by the attached nerve, the muscle relaxes and the wrinkle is smoothed. This effect lasts about three months because the nerve receptors are replaced over time and muscle activity resumes. Therefore, the outcome created by Botox only has a three month efficacy.

Allen Howes, the President of LASERING USA said "Elora is the perfect treatment companion to the MiXto CO2 laser for fractional skin resurfacing. Addressing dynamic wrinkles with an RF treatment complements resurfacing of static wrinkles. If given prior to resurfacing, the brow is relaxed during treatment and the outcome of skin resurfacing is optimized."

Elora is the first FDA cleared non-toxin neuromodulator. Serene's proprietary technology combines an RF generator and disposable probe. The probe is inserted into the skin at the target location and stimulation energy is applied through the probe to locate the target nerve. Once located, RF energy from the probe causes thermal effect to the nerve fiber and blocks the nerve from conducting signals to the muscle. The effects of this unique treatment have been observed to last 12 months or more.

Bankim Mehta, CEO of Serene, commented, "There is a significant population of patients that would rather not inject a botulinum toxin in their face if there was an alternative available. Elora provides that alternative with an added benefit of longer lasting effect.

Dr James Newman, a facial plastic surgeon in Palo Alto, CA, claims, "I have treated a number of patients combining Elora and MiXto. The outcomes are excellent and patients are very satisfied. This combo treatment takes facial skin rejuvenation to a new level".

For information about the MiXto Micro Fractional CO2 Laser, contact LASERING USA at 866-471-0469,,

For information about the Elora RF device, contact Serene Medical, Inc at 925-452-7255,,


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