John Baker Welch welcomes Phil Tobin of American Endowment Foundation on February 8, 2012

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John Baker Welch with Rothschild Investment Corporation Welcomes Phil Tobin, Co-Founder and Chairman American Endowment Foundation, on February 8, 2012

CHICAGO (MMD Newswire) February 6, 2012 -- To better educate CPAs and Attorney's on donor advised funds, John Baker Welch, registered representative with Rothschild Investment Corporation, welcomes Phil Tobin, Chairman of American Endowment Foundation on February 8, 2012.

A Donor Advised Fund is a family foundation or charitable gifting alternative that provides simple, flexible, efficient ways to manage your charitable giving. There are many aspects to consider when determining a large transfer of wealth. With Donor Advised Funds, donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages by conducting their charitable affairs through their fund over successive generations while retaining the trusted relationship of their professional advisors.

Established in 1993, American Endowment Foundation (AEF) is a tax-exempt public charity approved by the IRS. AEF was formed as a pure independent, national program for donors and their families, as they continue to set the standard for personalized, independent, conflict-free donor platform.

Attend this discussion on best practices in charitable giving led by Phil Tobin, and earn Minimum Continuing Legal Education and Continuing Professional Education credit, while enjoying a lunch and beverages compliments of Rothschild.


Best Practices in Charitable Giving


February 8, 2012


11:30 pm CST (lunch will be served)


Rothschild Investment Corporation's Office

311 S. Wacker Drive Suite 6500

Chicago, IL 60606 (View Map)


Joshua Lamers, (312) 983-8974,


Phil Tobin

Philip T. Tobin is Co-founder and Chairman of American Endowment Foundation (AEF). Established in 1993, AEF is an IRS-recognized public charity that administers a national, independent Donor Advised Fund program. Phil is a member of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy. He was formerly chief financial and administrative officer of The Cleveland Foundation. In addition, Phil is Founder and President of Hudson Community Foundation, Hudson, Ohio.

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