Mystery series promotes geographical, cultural learning amidst murders

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J.E. Leigh shares her love of geography and travel in the first title of the Aurora Night mystery series, "See Before You Die: Costa Rica - An Aurora Night Novel"

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (MMD Newswire) May 12, 2011 -- Throughout her years of traveling the world, J.E. Leigh has observed how connected we truly are as a global society. Inspired to teach readers about various places in fun and entertaining ways, she created the Aurora Night mystery series. Its first title, "See Before You Die: Costa Rica - An Aurora Night Novel" (ISBN 1456598872), takes readers on a thrilling journey while offering insights on the country and on various themes of globalization and travel.

As a travel writer for a major adventure magazine, Aurora Night seeks out travel destinations that offer opportunities for both high adventure and sustainable tourism experiences. She expects that her latest trip - to tropical Costa Rica - will go as smoothly as any other assignment. But when her plane lands, Aurora senses that something is off. This feeling is heightened by a surprising incident on a bus that leaves her and her traveling companions stranded in the middle of a monsoonal storm.

Aurora puts the eerie feeling behind her until a girl from a local village disappears. Having seen posters denouncing the sex trade in customs during her arrival, Aurora fears the girl is in danger. Still deeply affected by the death of her best friend - a journalist investigating the sex trade in Cambodia - Aurora decides to help the family. Her business trip soon turns into an investigation, and after overhearing a suspicious conversation, Aurora suspects her raft guide of the crime. But her accusations wash away - and so does the guide's body - over a waterfall during a hike. Suddenly, all signs point to murder.

Readers follow Aurora through the Costa Rican jungle on her quest to solve these mysteries and resolve her past. While readers will note her rise to heroine status in the fictional murder mystery, they'll also discover the real-life cultural and natural wonders that await them in beautiful Costa Rica.

"It's a mind-boggling paradox that we are a more global society than ever, yet we are more geographically illiterate," says Leigh. "With around-the-world plane tickets, international social networks and global positioning systems, you would think we'd know a lot about the world's places. But we don't. What if we could learn about places in a way that is entertaining and fun?"

"See Before You Die: Costa Rica - An Aurora Night Novel" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

J.E. Leigh has spent two decades studying places, starting with her bachelor's in geography. She traveled widely during a five-year tour in the military and a two-year term in AmeriCorps. She earned a master's in recreation and tourism and studied sustainable tourism initiatives in Costa Rica, Chile and Greece. She also worked with the National Forest Service and National Park Service on projects involving place interpretation. Leigh has published articles in local and national publications, as well as a nonfiction book.


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