Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Endorses JD Hayworth for U.S. Senate

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February 23, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) is endorsing JD Hayworth for U.S. Senate today in the hopes Hayworth can defeat John McCain, who is a notorious supporter of Amnesty for illegal aliens.

John McCain refused to listen to over 80% of his constituents and the American public by co-sponsoring Amnesty legislation with Senator Kennedy in 2007 which would have turned millions of illegal aliens into US voters. McCain's Amnesty legislation failed after the Capitol Hill phone system collapsed under the pressure of angry calls ranging 50-100 to 1 against his bill.

McCain apologized to and misled Republican voters in the 2008 GOP primary for president by claiming he had changed his position on Amnesty and after winning the primary, he flip flopped and returned to his prior pro-Amnesty positions, which left many voters feeling they could not trust John McCain.

JD Hayworth supports immigration enforcement and border security measures, instead of McCain's amnesty legislation which would politically destroy America's ability to enforce immigration laws in the future. Hayworth's prior voting records in Congress, position statements as a talk radio show host, and his campaign stances are aligned with ALIPAC's platform and the super majority of American voters who support more immigration enforcement.

"JD Hayworth has taken sides with the 80% of Americans who want our borders secured and our existing immigration laws enforced," said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC. "By contrast, John McCain has clearly taken sides with the Open Borders Lobby which would wreck this nation by pursuing amnesty, instead of enforcement. It is clear that anyone in Arizona or any state in America, who is concerned about illegal immigration, should support JD Hayworth for US Senate."

ALIPAC is making a $1,000 donation to JD Hayworth's campaign and intends to contribute the PAC a maximum of $5,000 by Election Day. The national organization is also encouraging their over 30,000 supporters and allies in the Tea Party Movement to donate to the Hayworth campaign and to consider volunteering to help the campaign via

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, founded on 9/11/2004, has worked extensively with the Tea Party movement by leading a coalition of over 20 groups across the nation in support of Tea Party and 9/12 events in 2010. ALIPAC also conducted Tea Parties Against Amnesty in over 50 cities last November. A recent online poll sponsored by one of the largest Tea Party groups showed 77% support for Hayworth over McCain by Tea Party activists. The ALIPAC endorsement is likely to help strengthen that coalescing support.

"There is a popular and powerful political uprising in America today, comprised of many patriotic Americans who feel many incumbents like John McCain are not listening to the public on important issues like immigration," said Gheen. "JD Hayworth is the best choice for any American who wants the current reversal of illegal immigration to continue and increase."

ALIPAC believes that JD Hayworth's bid to unseat John McCain is stopping the Amnesty legislation in Washington from moving forward in 2010 and that McCain is fearful to co-sign the Senate version of the bill, even though he promised Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-NY) and the Hispanic Caucus he would. ALIPAC believes that Hayworth is likely to unseat John McCain and if McCain signs the new Amnesty bill as promised, then Hayworth will certainly defeat McCain.

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