Internet Marketing Guru Establishes Winnipeg Offices

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Internet Marketing Guru Establishes Winnipeg Offices Internet Marketing and SEO Guru, Jerry Booth has made a new home right here in Winnipeg.


Internet Marketing and SEO Guru, Jerry Booth has made a new home right here in Winnipeg.

His company Fresh Traffic has taken offices in the prestigious Can West building in the heart of Winnipeg’s business center. The Winnipeg location is the latest additional location which compliments others located in the US & UK.

Asked why Winnipeg by the BBC World Service in a recent satellite link up at the CBC Radio Station in Winnipeg? A question people all around the globe keep asking him, his reply is simple; Winnipeg is the center of North America, within a few hours you can be in Chicago, New York, Vancouver or Toronto and it has an International Airport serving all the major worldwide routes.

Canadians have more internet cable hook ups than any other country, they also spend more time online than anyone else too, but businesses in Canada are a bit hesitant to jump on board the global commerce train, spending only 6% of annual budgets online, an area in which he specializes in improving established businesses ROI for money spent on internet marketing .

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He was first contracted to work for a major Canadian company back in 2005. His success with them, and the friendships made were also deciding a factor; he says a consultant friend who performs Corporate Relation services for private and NASDAQ listed companies, sent him a one way ticket to checkout Canada, further encouraging him to locate in Winnipeg particularly as he lives there. Mr. Booth says he found the people friendly and down to earth and the Manitoba area to be very different from the big cities of London & New York. Mr. Booth was so impressed with what Winnipeg had to offer, he bought an executive home here, using Greg Michie Realty services, which specializes in luxury and exclusive homes.

Now contracted in Canada he decided to move forward and open a global office here for further expansion of The Fresh Traffic Group . Jerry says Winnipeg has a lot to offer in terms of qualified staff, but very few jobs to support these technical skills with most people opting to travel to the big cites or the states to find jobs.

Investigating recruitment for expansion has been ongoing for a few months and we have found some very good people to fill important roles going forward. We expect to hire a TDC and other qualified assistants, in addition to establishing a “Made in Canada” company offering expanded services and training.

Jerry first made a name for himself when selling his company Google in the UK, yes he was Google long before the search engine existed, a high court battle he won with the US giants when they finally decided to settle out of court in 2004, albeit with a non-disclosure agreement in place to not mention anything about the workings of the search engine or settlement figures.

Since those days Jerry has worked with and for some of the world’s largest and best known companies, stars of film, television, sports, and entertainment. He is involved in various aspects of online marketing, from SEO to trade show product launches. His marketing services are courted by companies and individuals who strive for perfection in their respective trades, and need a web consultant from which they can expect nothing but.

When asked about what makes The Fresh Traffic Group different and so successful, he modestly states: “There are a lot of people out there who claim they can perform and will take your money as they tell you what you want to hear as they make promises; we just tell it like it is and quietly deliver the results the clients pay for. We turn down more businesses than we accept due to their unrealistic expectations.”

If you require Internet Marketing services they can be contacted on 204.926.8528 Email:


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