Inneova Corp. announces launch of first adult cell cryobanking operations in Europe

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Swiss-Canadian biotechnology company Inneova announces the launch of its groundbreaking adult cell cryoconservation services in Europe. One of the first companies worldwide to help adults preserve their cells before the aging process manifestly harms them, Inneova lets its clients (bank their youth potential) for future anti-aging treatments and medical regeneration.

Switzerland and Canada (MMD Newswire) November 20, 2008 -- Swiss-Canadian biotechnology company Inneova™ announces the launch of its new adult cell cryoconservation services in Europe.

Inneova™ is a pioneering company active in the fields of anti-aging and preventative medicine, with services ranging from adult cell cryobanking through to predictive genetics and medical solutions towards the goal of helping its clients achieve optimal health and longevity.

The company uses applications derived from the latest advances in biotechnology and anti-aging, to which it contributes through its activity in related research projects, both in the public and private sectors.

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Pioneering European Cell Cryobank
Inneova™ is one of the first companies worldwide to launch a private adult cell cryobank dedicated to preserving cells before the aging process manifestly harms them, allowing its clients to “bank their youth potential” for future use in rejuvenating anti-aging treatments and medical regeneration resulting from injury or disease. Cell cryoconservation refers to the storage of cells for an indefinite period of time by freezing them at very low temperatures in liquid nitrogen.

There are currently a number of vital medical applications for stem cell therapy, and the range of options will increase considerably over the coming years based on recent breakthroughs in stem cell research.

Comprehensive Range of Predictive Genetic Tests
As part of its comprehensive anti-aging approach, Inneova™ is unique in offering its clients a wide range of predictive genetic tests in combination with its cell cryobanking services. These tests are useful in discovering age-related disease predispositions. The company’s specific tests in the field of predictive medicine screen for risk factors and sensitivity to particular molecules, information which can help a client’s physician recommend specific check-ups as well as optimize the administration of medications, the recommendation of diets, and the choice of cosmetics.

In association with Knome,™ Inneova™ also offers a unique, exclusive predictive genetics service called whole genome sequencing, which is considered the most advanced tool in predictive medicine available worldwide. The procedure maps out the whole human genome and incorporates almost all current knowledge about genetics into its analysis.

Anti-Aging Medical Network
With their preliminary test results from Inneova’s™ innovative range of genetic tests in hand, clients can apply directly to the company for referral to specialized counselling with appropriately qualified medical practitioners for advice in how to prevent or delay age-related diseases as well as other illnesses to which they might be genetically predisposed.

In order to offer its customers a full range of anti-aging services, the company provides them with access to the highest quality anti-aging medical practices – including advanced hormone replacement therapy as well as cutting-edge plastic and cosmetic surgery – through its extensive international network of specialized physicians.

More information about the services is available on the company’s web site at

For further inquiries please contact:
Dr. Ivan de Weber
Chief Scientific Officer
Inneova Corporation Limited
Telephone: +41(0) (Switzerland)


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