Independent Artist Have a New Way to Promote Music

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Colorado Springs (MMD Newswire) February 6, 2012 -- Liquid Spins announced today that its Non-Traditional Music Promotion Platform is now available to Independent Artists and Bands. Independent artists can now take advantage of the same technology currently used by major acts and major record labels.

Without the support of a major record label, Independent Artists must overcome numerous hurdles when it comes to sales and promotions for the music they have recorded. And while it is fairly easy for an indie artist to get their music listed on literally any music sales site in the world, the difficult part is promoting the music and eventually increasing sales.

Liquid Spins offers Independent Artists the same promotion power that we offer to major labels and major artists. With Liquid Spins, the artist is empowered to promote their music through restaurants, brand partnerships, and through their very own fan base. Currently, the number one method for promoting music with Liquid Spins is through promotional products with the Liquid Clix ™ QR Codes printed on them. However, Indie Artists are taking advantage of other promotional methods Liquid Spins has to offer such as pre-paid and activated-at-time-of-purchase promotions.

Any Independent Artist can register their music with Liquid Spins at A few clicks later, the music will be approved and ready for the next big concert event. Bands started signing up last Friday by invitation. The service is now open to everyone.

Liquid Spins is a development stage company whose mission is to utilize mobile technology and brand partnerships to put more music in more places. Anyone can sign up for a free Liquid Spins account and listen to free music previews online. You can learn more about us online at

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