New book urges parents to assume responsibility for educating their children

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"Humpty Dumpty: Exposing Educational Cons & Myths" by veteran public school teacher Carvil Orville takes aim at politicians, bureaucrats and other obstacles to classroom success

ATLANTA (MMD Newswire) November 21, 2011 -- "Humpty Dumpty: Exposing Educational Cons & Myths" (ISBN 1463617593) by Carvil Orville offers pointed commentary on the state of the American public education system and offers potential solutions based on parental responsibility.

According to Orville, teacher-based solutions to raising student achievement have been shown to be wasteful and ineffective. He argues that the only credible, proven means to improve student achievement are parent-based solutions. In response to criticism of teachers and their role in the decline of American academic institutions, Orville offers an analogy by asking how many soldiers are criticized or fired because of the mistakes of their leaders. He contends that educational experts, politicians and other policy makers are to blame for the current crisis and the only viable solution will come from parents.

"Teachers are not their students' parents," Orville says. "The responsibilities of parenthood and parenting of students cannot be shifted to teachers. The home environment is the single most important factor in determining student achievement and ultimately academic/civic success."

Intended to educate and spark a reconsideration of educational policy, the book offers commentary and analysis intended to present the frontline teacher's perspective. Orville's recommendations for change include mandating parenting/educational courses for parents before they can enroll students in public schools, allowing teachers to evaluate parents' performance, and mandated parent volunteer hours at school and more.

"Humpty Dumpty: Exposing Educational Cons & Myths" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

Carvil Orville is a writer and educator. A veteran public school teacher, he is certified in both regular and special education. "Humpty Dumpty: Exposing Educational Cons & Myths" was inspired by his experiences in the American educational system as a student, parent, classroom teacher and teacher leader.


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