New book recounts humorous mishaps of home improvement

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"The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman" by Jerry Hibbs showcases amusing calamities faced by the average man who sets out to improve his home

VANCOUVER, Wash. (MMD Newswire) December 12, 2011 -- "The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman" (ISBN 0615541798), a book by Jerry Hibbs, explains the phenomenon of the home handyman and the difficulty of seemingly simple home improvement projects.

The book offers a series of anecdotes based on Hibbs' experience as a general contractor, demonstrating that even the simplest job can lead to surprising consequences. Loosely structured around the misadventures of a few neighbors who engage in projects ranging from the remodeling of a basement to painting the house, the book describes seemingly endless trips to the hardware store and the dawning realization that some jobs are better left to the professionals.

"Mostly it's a mess, but these guys have a lot of fun being the home handyman," says Hibbs. "They try, but often mess up their projects, something every professional contractor has seen many times."

The book also highlights the humorous tensions that arise between home handymen and their wives over countless hours and money spent on projects. Written to engage and entertain with a comedic take on a common experience, the book is intended for readers who enjoy funny stories or for anyone who knows what it's like to have a do-it-yourself project spiral out of control.

"The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

Jerry Hibbs has worked as a general contractor, mortgage broker and real estate agent and resides in Vancouver, Wash. Now turning his talents to writing, "The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman" is his first published book, with plans for a sequel currently in the works.


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