Xpress Healthcare Announces New Healthcare Program for Healthcare PA

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Philadelphia, PA (MMD Newswire) June 25, 2009 -- Today, Xpress Healthcare , a Philadelphia based company announced that they will be offering a 2 week free trial to those searching healthcare PA.

The company and its representatives are doing all they can to not only inform all of America about this new healthcare program, but they are also motivated in reaching the consumers of healthcare PA.

"1 out of 6 Americans are without healthcare coverage. Our job is to find those people and offer them this innovative product that conveniently helps them save on healthcare costs without costing them a fortune" Ed Pettola, one of the companies founders said when asked about the national healthcare crisis.

"Not only do we offer a global solution to healthcare," he continued, "but we want to always remember to reach those in our own backyards and make sure they are taken care of as well. Whether through national media, partners, joint ventures, or online exposure, we will reach those 1 out of 6 Americans. From California all the way to healthcare PA, we will reach them."

Xpress Healthcare offers 4 popular packages that help consumers save on most healthcare costs. Their least expensive package is only $14.95 and that covers the whole household. If you are looking for healthcare PA, Xpress Healthcare is adamant that consumers take advantage of their 2 week free trial.

Xpress healthcare and its partner CARExpress are an affordable membership benefit program which offers significant savings to all members. It is simple - perhaps so simple that many people don't understand it. Xpress Healthcare is not insurance! In many ways, it is the perfect complement to insurance since Xpress Healthcare covers almost every product and service insurance may not.

Xpress Healthcare, 1-866-305-SAVE
Fax: (215) 682-7116


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