Hawaii Pacific Teleport and Pacific Teleport provide Internet on GE-23 satellite to Pacific Islands

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Hawaii Pacific Teleport and Pacific Teleport to provide affordable internet service to users with small ku-band antennas on Pacific Islands using GE-23 satellite.
Kapolei, Hawaii -- January 14, 2007 -- Hawaii Pacific Teleport (www.hawaiiteleport.com ) announced today that it had signed a two year contract with Pacific Teleport (www.pacificteleports.com ) to provide satellite delivered services to Pacific Islands.  The new service starting today will provide ku-band service to customers with antennas as small as 1.2 meters on GE-23 satellite owned and operated by General Electric Company.

Andrew Taylor, CEO of Pacific Teleports based in Sydney said at the signing ceremony at Hawaii Teleport " We had a choice of using a teleport on the US west coast or Hawaii but we chose Hawaii Pacific Teleport because the combination of their strategic position on the 'meeting place' island of Oahu and their engineering resources was for us an unbeatable proposition."

Taylor who cut his teeth on the Asia Pacific satellite market during his tenure at Panamsat, now owned by Intelsat, confirmed that the company installed a Gilat SkyEdge TDMA hub at the teleport in Hawaii late November.

Vince Waterson, VP Business Development at Hawaii Pacific Teleport said " It's ironic that the Internet challenged citizens of many islands spanning the Pacific Ocean will soon be able to enjoy low cost delivery by satellite of telephony, internet and television thru very small satellite dishes because the GE23 satellite we plan to use was originally designed to provide internet service to passengers on transpacific flights using the Boeing Conexxion Service."
The two companies have a joint marketing agreement to offer services to companies with representative offices, NGO and small enterprises in islands stretching from the North Mariana’s  to French Polynesian.  Hawaii Pacific Teleport has launched a new web site www.islandinternetlink.com to service this niche market.

The high power of the GE23 ku-band beams which crisscross the Pacific will also allow the company to offer a maritime service with broadband rates above 1Mbps at prices significantly less that those offered on the popular Inmarsat satellite which has a typical single user maximum throughput of 256kbps.

The high power of the GE23 satellite also opens up the opportunity for the company to offer a platform for occasional use video services from these islands to US television networks for breaking news and sporting events.

This new satellite platform will also be used to provide maritime service to yachts and ocean going vessels in the south Pacific.

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