Janice Dickinson Outraged, Threatens to Shoot TMZ's Harvey Levin

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Janice Dickinson, host of the live internet TV show FilmOn Live, threatens to shoot TMZ's Harvey Levin after he invaded her home and mentally abused her daughter

Beverly Hills, (MMD Newswire) May 24, 2012 - (www.FilmOn.com) - Janice Dickinson, host of the live internet TV show FilmOn Live, talked on the show Monday about how outraged she is over Harvey Levin's actions. Over the weekend Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ, said Janice and her daughter were being evicted from their home. This was completely false. Janice had gotten into a fight with her landlord but according to her they are both on good terms.

"He invaded my home when he said I had been evicted. I hadn't. There was an eviction notice and this was over an argument I had with my landlord about a plumbing and heating problem. They have now fixed the problem and I have paid them," said Janice. "Harvey openly lied to the public by saying I had been evicted and he distressed my child. He abused my child and invaded the privacy of my home. If it is a metaphor that he invaded my home it is also a metaphor when I say, Harvey Levin is going to die a horrible death and I'm going to shoot him."

The video can be seen here: http://www.filmon.us/video/8999

Janice Dickinson claims the TMZ article has invaded her home and affected her and her daughter. For this, she is furious. On the FilmOn.TV show, FilmOn Live she called Harvey Levin, "an evil child abuser."

Janice is a host at FilmOn.TV Studios and is under the wing of Billionaire Alki David owner/CEO of FilmOn.TV. The eccentric billionaire refuses to let anyone mess with his FilmOn.TV family and is furious at Harvey Levin. If Harvey is smart he will learn not to touch anyone on the FilmOn.TV staff including Andy Dick, Kato Kaelin, Mike "The Situation" and of course Janice Dickinson.

"Who knows, Harvey may wake up one day to find paparazzi banging at his door demanding questions of his shady, perverted past and obvious incompetance as a lawyer," said Alki David.

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