Who wants a Playboy model as a commodities and forex broker?

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Her name is Georgia Anderson. Besides being a beautiful woman featured in the May 2009 Playboy Magazine and looking amazing in the pictorial: Women of Wall Street, Georgia has become a successful series 3 broker in Futures and Forex and just published her first financial book, where she shows us new ways that reveal the enormous potential of investing in Futures and Forex markets.

She has been considering one of the most attractive women on Wall Street; standing nude in a broker's operation office, she shows off her power in both the financial industry and the sensual world of Playboy's models. Georgia symbolizes the American Dream in these difficult times: Her incredible femininity and sensuality gives us hope. Her expertise in Futures and Forex tells us that we can recover from hardship and reach our financial goals.

Georgia obtained a law degree in her country, Italy, and now resides in California, Los Angeles where she works as a broker in Futures and Forex. She recently published her first book: Technical Analysis For Daytrading of Futures and Forex, which exposes valuable trading tips to traders that other broker don't reveal. Is there a sexy way to invest and make money? Yes, Georgia Anderson's way! Her incredible glamour and investing expertise make an irresistible combination.

This book by Georgia Anderson opens the secrets of trading in Futures and Foreign Exchange in a simple, easy to understand language for those who are new to the field. For those who are tired of investing in the regular stock market, or have suffered severe losses caused by the recession, it makes sense to take a look at what Futures and Forex trading offers. Georgia Anderson is a super sexy broker who offers her expert support through her website: www.georgiaanderson.com

Exciting Georgia Anderson offers her free newsletter to those who wish to keep informed about the many new ways they can make some serious money with advice from an expert. Her new book is also available on her website and the purchase includes a free initial consultation. A big plus for subscribers: they will get the free newsletter with the pictures of Georgia from her latest photo shoot in suggestive poses. Does your broker offer the same?

Georgia Anderson has been a prized advisor to individual and corporate clients! This extremely attractive, sexy and intelligent woman has a unique way of guiding her customers into the promising realm of Futures and Forex Markets. There has never been in financial circles a more stunning combination of sexiness and intelligence when it comes to investing. Who wants a Playboy model as a broker? To find out, take a good look at Georgia Anderson's on her website: www.georgiaanderson.com. That beautiful lady will convince anybody.

Contact Georgia Anderson at 661-492-7167


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