Frank C. Fisher Responds to New Trends Favoring Natural Gas Over Coal

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Coal mining companies are facing a severe shut-down as fewer industries are making use of the fuel and instead are considering natural gas solutions. Frank C. Fisher, expert on the energy industry, explains these trends.

Houston, Texas (MMD Newswire) July 23, 2012 -- The success of natural gas supplies has made headlines across America for the past few months - President Barack Obama even tied the trend into his State of the Union address, noting that there is enough natural gas to last America at least one hundred years into the future. While these rates may increase the country's energy security, the coal mining industry is facing severe competition from natural gas suppliers. Energy industry specialist, Frank C. Fisher, has worked with notable energy producers and states that this trend is one that all industries need to pay attention to.

A recent article from USA Today notes just how severe coal industry problems are. "The share of U.S. electricity that comes from coal is forecast to fall below 40 percent for the year, its lowest level since World War II. Four years ago, it was 50 percent. By the end of this decade, it is likely to be near 30 percent." On the flipside, natural gas is bountiful and motivating, "Natural gas will be used to produce 30 percent of the country's electricity this year, up from 20 percent in 2008. Nuclear accounts for 20 percent. Hydroelectric, wind, solar and other renewables make up the rest."

Frank C. Fisher explains, "Natural gas is simply the better option when compared with coal. It is cheaper, it is readily available and most importantly, it is better for the environment." Throughout his work, Fisher has developed a thorough understanding of the energy market and currently serves as the Senior Consultant to Aztec Oil & Gas in Texas. He notes that no matter what the initiative of a drilling or mining company is, they have to be conducted in a safe and thorough manner. "Every industry is going green, and even the energy companies--that might be seem like enemies to the natural world--have to find ways to improve.

As a professional who has consulted on Aztec's few drilling spots in Appalachian regions, he has seen firsthand how environmentally destructive coal can be. "There was a recent story about how Appalachian coal miners in Kentucky are putting a multitude of toxic elements into the environment. They have destroyed forest, air and drinking water. It is just not a good option anymore."

Still, Fisher understands that the coal industry will not go away overnight. "It is a gradual phase, but one that is essential to both natural gas and coal miners. It gives those in the coal market a chance to explore other options and gives engineers and scientists more time to research and discover new ways use natural gas efficiently."


Frank C. Fisher is a retired Texas-based attorney with a significant history of consultation on strategy and the oil industry. Mr. Fisher works in Houston, Texas and consults on behalf of some of the area's leading producers of oil and natural gas, plus ancillary industries.

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