Florida's First-Ever BarCamp/Code Camp to be Held in Tampa

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TAMPA, Fla. (MMD Newswire) July 23, 2012 -- Approximately 1,000+ software developers, programmers, service providers, educators and other technology buffs are expected on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at BarCamp/Code Camp Tampa 2012, Florida's first combined BarCamp and Code Camp. The free daylong event will be held with assistance from Continuing Education, University College, University of South Florida, at the university, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa.

"This event has significance for so many reasons," says Brenda Young, president, Marbay Group and co-chairman of BarCamp/Code Camp Tampa 2012. "The attendance we anticipate is a great demonstration of the size and vibrancy of our local technology community, whose members are working together more and more frequently. These people are the 'real deal' in Tampa area technology."

Young describes the history behind the collaboration. Code Camp, now in its seventh year in the Tampa area, is a free, one-day learning event for developers with a focus on Microsoft .NET and related technologies. BarCamp, now in its fifth year, is an "unconference" that allows attendees to learn, share, teach and collaborate with technology thought leaders.

"We are pleased to colocate these two events on the USF campus," says Keith Fredriksen, business manager of VisualGov Solutions and co-chairman of BarCamp/Code Camp Tampa 2012. "We expect this collaboration to lay the groundwork for considerable synergy going forward among members of these groups."

Although there are differences in the styles of the two Camps, the general format will be a series of educational presentations throughout the day, with attendees free to move at will among sessions. BarCamp, with its "unconference" format, does not have pre-planned schedules. Individuals interested in presenting are asked to sign up the morning of the event and if selected to present are assigned a room. Code Camp's format is more structured, with presenters agreed upon beforehand. Both offer concurrent sessions, all focused on technology leadership and creative solutions.

"This is much more than a technology event," says Joel Lopez, founder of 2Z Consulting and the third co-chairman of BarCamp/Code Camp Tampa 2012. "Both groups have already had an impact on economic development in the Greater Tampa area at the grassroots level, including retention of some of our most talented technology leaders who have decided to remain in this area because of the collaborative opportunities events like this introduce."

Because BarCamp/Code Camp Tampa 2012 is presented at no charge to attendees, program planners are now seeking corporate and community sponsors. For sponsorship information and options, please contact either Joel Lopez at 813-765-6452 or Keith Fredriksen at 813-925-3703.

Although the event is free, advance registration is required. To register or for additional event or sponsor information, please refer to the BarCamp website, www.barcamptampabay.org or Code Camp website, www.tampacodecamp.com.

About BarCamp Tampa Bay

Starting in October of 2008, BarCamp Tampa Bay has been held annually with attendance exceeding 400 people from as far away as Orlando, Sarasota, Miami and Jacksonville; as well as from across the country and Canada. Bringing together the best, brightest and most interesting of Tampa Bay's technology and new media professionals, BarCamp Tampa Bay showcases the talents and unique projects being developed in and around the Tampa area.

Additional information can be found at www.BarCampTampaBay.org or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BarCampTampa.

About Code Camp Tampa

Code Camp, now in its seventh year, is driven by the Microsoft developer community and focuses on providing forums for professional development and personal networking. Engineers and managers from all levels meet for free, one-day conferences featuring primarily local speakers and topics. Developers who wish to share their knowledge on Microsoft .NET and related technologies register to speak. Events are supported by the generous donations of local and national sponsors.

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