"Biggest Loser is a Loser" Says Nationally Renowned Fitness Expert -- Avail. For Interview

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NEW YORK, NY (MMD Newswire) May 11, 2009 -- Sal Marinello, outspoken fitness authority and a personal trainer who has appeared on ESPN and other national outlets, claims that The Biggest Loser, a popular reality show about getting into shape, is a mess.

"The show consistently misrepresents the reality of what healthy and fit is all about," Marinello said. "This show is based on the fatally flawed premise that weight loss equates to an improvement to a person's fitness level and that thinner is fitter."

Marinello believes The Biggest Loser does a disservice to those viewers who are trying to stay fit-and healthy. He recently logged onto the show's web site and was asked to enter his height and weight in order to get his Body Mass Index (BMI) for free, a metric which is a "notoriously inaccurate measure of fitness" according to Marinello. He went along with it anyway, and the show's web site said he was OVERWEIGHT.

"This is total nonsense," Marinello concluded. If a personal trainer with decades in the business is considered "overweight" by the show, then what hope is there for regular viewers?

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