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February 17, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- An ever growing number of men are seeking out the option of having a woman lead them and their personal relationship. Many men and women have experienced disappointment and confusion with traditional male/female roles in relationships. They see the option of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) as a wonderful alternative to traditional "male led relationships" and the even more confusing "50-50 relationships." In an aboutFLR.com poll of over 8,700 people 97% of women answered positively to the question "I like the thought of leading a man?" and 99% of men answered positive to the question "I am willing to obey my woman?" This is a real shift from traditional relationships.

Part of this shift can be directly attributed to the changing roles of women in society, which is causing pressure on relationships. Men too are more likely to want women to contribute at a higher level in personal relationships because of the confusion from changing roles. Men and women are looking for new definitions to their interpersonal roles. Because so many men are women are meeting online, the internet allows them to express themselves in ways they would have shied away from in years past.


AboutFLR.com is addressing this growing niche relationship type, providing practical and usable knowledge to help couples become successful. For over a year, 81,000 Men and women have been building friendships and learning about FLR on our beta site. We are now ready to help women and men everywhere experience the benefits and romance of FLR in a safe, private and simple to use way. We are now open to the public.

AboutFLR.com announces an online environment rich in all things FLR including: friendships, dating, information, community building, articles, user posts, and courses for men to improve their skills focused on serving and supporting the women they love. Men and women participate anonymously until they are ready to reveal personal information. Joining is free, however we ask for an optional address verification (which is stored offline) for a nominal fee. To that end address verification through Amazon.com helps us show members as 'real and verified' giving our members confidence to communicate with other real people.

FLR is a newer alternative relationship type and as such is not for everyone. Anonymity is important to our users. No personal information is ever shared about those using the website unless they reveal it themselves. We store no personal or financial information online about our members to keep them safe and anonymous.

A quote from the website "Female Dominant Couples, what is that? Don't put to much into the usage of the word 'Dominant', it merely describes a relationship where the woman has greater responsibility and authority as a leader for the couple. People constantly say "a male dominated world" and no one thinks of men in leather corsets with whips. It is a double standard, and a dirty trick to have such double standards especially when they represent a system of control over all our lives beckoning us follow a traditional pattern of living."


For more information please visit the website at http://www.aboutflr.com or email us at informant@aboutflr.com. All inquiries must first be conducted via email.

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