Author emphasizes certainty of change even through difficult times in dramatic novel

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Eldridge Rodney introduces readers to a family who, in the midst of obtaining success, has to come together to overcome tragedy in "The Table Turners: A Novel"

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (MMD Newswire) November 3, 2011 -- In his book "The Table Turners: A Novel" (ISBN 1439263426), Eldridge Rodney explains to his readers how life can change at any time. As bad as things seem, hoping for change is possible, even from the direst of circumstances.

John and Delta Turner are raising their three children in a low-income neighborhood in New Orleans. Despite the harsh working conditions he faced in his two jobs, John's perseverance has paid off. He has saved enough money to move his family out of their dangerous neighborhood and into a safe community where their children can grow into respectful and successful citizens.

Unfortunately, tragedy threatens to pull the family apart before they are able to step foot into their new home. John's youngest son Freddie, along with other members of the family, respond to the disaster by working even harder than before, which grows a deeper faith in themselves and God. But not all members of the family are able to maintain their strength. Brandon, John and Delta's oldest son, as well as other members of the family, turn to drugs, alcohol and infidelity for solace.

John's strong willed persona is not immune to cracking, either. Even as he attempts to develop his own company, he falls victim to his skewed definitions of manhood, hurting the people he works so hard to protect. The family turns to each other in hopes that they can find the strength and courage to provide support to one another and weather the storm.

Rodney realizes that many of his readers can relate to his book. His inspiration came from the chance to provide hope to those who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and to point out that change is imminent.

"My book provides an alternative to people who may find themselves involved in situations that were not intended. No one has to continue in their misfortune; you too can overcome," says Rodney. "We live in a violent and often turbulent society, and people need to know that even in the most horrific of situations, one can still move forward and overcome. Change is a certainty."

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About the Author:

Eldridge Rodney was born and raised in New Orleans, the setting for his novel, "The Table Turners." He received a bachelor's degree in accounting from Xavier University of Louisiana, but has also studied literature and writing. Rodney is a certified public accountant in New Jersey, where he currently resides.


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