Xpress Healthcare Announces Critical Discount Insurance Update

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Philadelphia, PA (MMD Newswire) June 26, 2009 -- Today, Xpress Healthcare released critical information about discount insurance in the midst of an obvious healthcare crisis.

While Xpress Healthcare is not the only discount health program in the world, they are certainly America's leading program. While hundreds of thousands of people are turning to discount insurance programs, Xpress Healthcare is going above and beyond to simply get America covered.

"This crisis is out of control and it doesn't look to be getting any better. How is it that the United States spends more on healthcare than any other industrialized nation and still has almost 47 millions Americans uncovered?" Ed Pettola, one of the companies founders said today. He further stated, "Not only that, but those other countries provide insurance to all of their citizens. What's wrong here?"

This is why Xpress Healthcare and its discount insurance program are pivotal in today's economy. This is also why they are announcing and offering a 2 week free trial so that they can attract as many of those nearly 47 million Americans as possible.

Xpress Healthcare is a partner with company CARExpress and together they are offering 4 popular packages that cover the whole household. Their least expensive package is $14.95 a month. What is so great about these packages is the amount of savings a whole household can earn just by joining this discount insurance program. Not only that, but they can try it for free.

Xpress healthcare and its partner CARExpress are an affordable membership benefit program which offers significant savings to all members. It is simple - perhaps so simple that many people don't understand it. Xpress Healthcare is not insurance! In many ways, it is the perfect complement to insurance since Xpress Healthcare covers almost every product and service insurance may not.

Xpress Healthcare, 1-866-305-SAVE
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