The largest community for Japanese entrepreneurs, ''Festivo'' provide a global biz-matching service

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February 15, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- The largest community for entrepreneurs, "Festivo" wants to provide a global business-matching service between our Japanese entrepreneurs and business people around the world.

"Festivo," a community for young entrepreneurs, is the largest online community for Japanese business creators. This community features 71,242 registered accounts (as of Jan. 2012).

We want to gather entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with great potential in Japan, and provide resources to help them achieve their goals. Ultimately, we want to produce 10,000 entrepreneurs with more than 10 million U.S. dollars in annual revenue.

Entrepreneurs drive the economy and create employment opportunities in society, which is the source of global vitality.

So far, we have expanded our domestic services. With an eye for the future, we are now connecting entrepreneurs around the world with our domestic entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

We ask those energetic young entrepreneurs who are participating in Festivo to please send messages related to business and business alliance.

Feel free to send your messages in your native language; we can translate It and provide a public notice to the other entrepreneurs in the Fesitivo.

We hope to serve as a bridge between your business and the networking resources you need in order to flourish.

Contact Us
General incorporated association YEN
CEO Koya Tsukamoto

Overview of the organization
Corporate name  : General incorporated association YEN
representative  : Koya Tsukamoto


business lineup:
- Support for new business and venture company.
- Investment
- Business Consulting
- Excavation business about human resources
- Holding of events such as seminars for entrepreneurs.
- Support personnel exchanges
- Building a platform for entrepreneurs
- Media Business
- Business office for venture companies
- And other business related to the above

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