Poems bring author's sexual fantasies to life, aims to help readers discover their hidden desires

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Clarissa O. Clemens shares her passion for all things sexual and sensual in the poetry collection, "The Poetic Art of Seduction"

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (MMD Newswire) June 8, 2011 - - Clarissa O. Clemens warns that her book of poems, "The Poetic Art of Seduction" (ISBN 0615458076), is not a typical collection of lyrical verses. Her poems attempt to display the love and passion she has for her own body and sexuality. She hopes that her first volume of erotic poetry will inspire the shy and bold to explore the sensual world she creates with her words.

Clemens began writing erotic poetry after she divorced her husband. She rediscovered a version of herself that had been buried deep inside throughout the course of her marriage, and this other side of her persona was a very sexual being; it inspired her to write erotic poems like "Ode to O," "Sizzle," "Urges Unchained" and "Tongue Tied."

Clemens's poems express her passion for the sensual, sexual side of life, and read as visual daydreams. Each poem attempts to capture the author's burning passion, something with which she wants to leave her readers breathless.

Clemens hopes that her collection of 28 poems - free of profanity - will unlock the restraints readers have placed on their deepest sexual fantasies. "My goal in writing these poems was to share them with the world so that other people had a venue to help them tap into their own fantasies and sensual desires," Clemens says.

"The Poetic Art of Seduction" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:

Clarissa O. Clemens has a passion for all things sensual and sexual, and has been writing for most of her life. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting. Born in the Los Angeles area, she currently resides in Sacramento.


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