Christmas Plants Rises in Popularity and Sales Figures

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London, United Kingdom (MMD Newswire) November 9, 2010 -- Leading online plant retailer Serenata Flowers is expecting a 22% increase in sales for its Christmas plants this year, indicating a stable strengthening in the UK economy.

British children will see much more than just gifts under the Christmas trees this year. Plants may also be on many shopping lists, according to the top online florist Serenata Flowers.

With festive plant sales continuing to boost, it is a sure sign the UK economic climate is attaining ground and also the recovery is well under way.

"We expect orders for Christmas plants to increase another 22% over last year. This suggests the lower joblessness rate we've been experiencing in the UK combined with growth we've had in the construction, manufacturing and hospitality industries is beginning to spread. Now, people not only have extra disposable earnings, but they're additionally less worried about falling back into recession," explained Peter Ahl, Managing Director of the award-winning e-commerce florist Serenata Flowers.

The plant retailer has also experienced a significant increase in the number of early Christmas orders, which implies consumers have learned from the economic downturn and are preparing in advance.

"The numbers advise we'll have a much better Christmas across the board than we have recent years. More consumers are preplanning their presents and we think this really is a direct reaction to the recession -- consumers are budgeting, saving and planning their spending, rather than impulse buying," Ahl added.

Business is booming for online plant shops. The industry expects to sell more than half a million Christmas flowers and plants this year alone. And according to Serenata's studies, over fifty percent of Christmas plant deliveries is going to be ordered over the internet.

The Christmas plants UK delivery service is extremely popular with consumers outside the UK who wish to send orchids and bay trees to friends and family members living in the UK. Serenata believes the increasing quantity of British expats buying plants online is a good sign that, while shoppers are spending more than they did during the recession, travel budgets may possibly however continue to be tight.

"Giving indoor or outdoor plants is still one of the best ways to show someone love and devotion, which can be extremely hard when lengthy distances are involved. Mix amazing trees and topiary frames of all kinds with the comfort of buying plants on the web, however, and consumers can find the perfect gift for anyone, no matter where they're on the globe," said Ahl.

Serenata Flowers provides free plant delivery throughout the UK. The company only deals with early morning, late evening 'avoid the school run' shipping, same day and next day orders as well as delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.

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