Canadian Firm Launches New Online Storage System

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The main feature of is to offer subscribers a unique easy-to-use storage system at a competitive annual subscription rate.
Canada (MMD Newswire) December 19, 2008 -- The main feature of is to offer subscribers a unique easy-to-use storage system at a competitive annual subscription rate.   

MyVvault  offers 3D graphics through their custom vault video. When logging in to, the subscriber will be taken through a series of stages, vault door, gates, elevated to the floor by a 3D camera system, then to the location of their safety deposit box. Once in front of their safety deposit box, the site opens to the user friendly storage area.  Call this “BLING” if you wish, whatever you want to call it, this will make the first storage site of its kind on the World Wide Web with a 3 stage triple lock working virtual vault.

Service Folders will be added to each edition.  Examples of folders are Car Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Family Budgeting, Business Budgeting, Wedding Planning and Budgeting and more as upgrades to site development continue.  These folders will feature spreadsheets customized for each edition, to help better organize our subscribers in many areas of their life.      

Five editions  of MyVvault are available: Academic, Small Business, Corporate, Family/Personal and Agriculture. Each edition is customized with folders pertinent to that edition.     

Features that make MyVvault Different:
• Extremely user-friendly  
• No monthly fees just one low annual subscription rate with a reasonable amount of virtual storage included    
• Can be accessed from any computer anytime, anywhere
• Replaces store purchased USB flash drives, allowing the transfer of files with ease to and from different on-line computers
• Capable of large file transfers without the need of a costly external service
• No territorial software to download limiting access options and creating annoying pop-ups reminding you to buy more space
• Great 3D graphics with working vault
• Triple Lock Encrypted Security
• Universal Health Card Information Service  
• Health Record features  help the subscriber keep track of valuable health information
• Favourite Link option allows subscriber to keep linked to necessary websites from any computer, anywhere  
• Predefined folders help to keep the subscriber organized  
• MyVvault was developed to offer self-managed modules for educational institutions and companies who may want to brand sections as their own for students, company benefit packages, perks etc  
• offers all subscribers the chance to win $100,000 making storage fun!  
• With, you save the information that you want, not what a territorial program tells you to

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