New web site unites consumers and businesses in a ''fight for what's right''

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C3 Synergistics aims to create value while promoting values

Edmonton, AB, Canada (MMD Newswire) February 21, 2012 - Although business gurus are constantly preaching about the importance of treating the customer as king, customer service has declined drastically in many ways over the past couple of decades. So notes Karl Pischke, the founder of C3 Synergistics (, a new Internet-based community that is on a mission to help solve the customer service deficit by connecting consumers to honest companies in a way that hasn't been done before. It's all in the service of one of C3's guiding principles: "Do what's right."

"C3 is a new type of web-based consumer group for local shopping," says Karl Pischke, "with a business model that is specifically designed not only to promote improvement of customer service, but to ensure continuous improvement." He adds that the company's name, C3, is a reflection of that purpose: "Connecting Consumers to Companies - in a win-win for all."

"Too often, companies are willing to risk upsetting customers in their quest to 'do what's right' for profits and shareholder returns," Karl Pischke continues. "We think the primary emphasis should always be on doing what's right for the customer. And that's what we're about, first and foremost. But we want to help businesses too, and we feel confident that C3 will provide a way to raise the level of customer service while serving qualified companies as well as consumers."

C3's unique business model is designed to help consumers find great companies, submit feedback (both good and bad), and resolve issues with no hassles. The site offers them a safe, secure way to share a shopping experience with any type of business. C3 keeps their name and contact information confidential, and guarantees delivery of the submission to the target company.

As the C3 consumer group grows, C3 intends to use that large base as leverage for resolving differences between consumers and companies. "Very simply, C3 will utilize the principle of strength in numbers to persuade companies to reasonably resolve issues," explains Karl Pischke. "As more consumers join, their collective voice will become even stronger. This in turn will allow C3 to take on larger companies, and in so doing will help consumers take back their own power."

Unlike some other online review services and forums, C3 membership is free for consumers. "Our forum is simple, convenient, non-confrontational, and user-friendly," says Karl Pischke. "We protect our members' privacy and we will never hassle them or try to upsell them. We're here for them with no ulterior motives, and no other agenda than to provide an open forum for honest communication."

Karl Pischke continues, "C3 was designed for consumers by a consumer. If businesses connect better with consumers they will find out how to better meet their needs. The best way to accomplish this is to provide consumers with a forum that works for the consumer, not one that serves the agenda of a specific company."

While C3 is a tool for consumers, it is also designed to help companies - particularly small businesses - in ways that didn't exist till now. C3 lists companies that meet its criteria for being reasonable and being committed to attaining customer loyalty.

Companies can join the C3 community for prices starting at under $1 per day, depending upon the level of membership. For that they get a full year's listing in their local area, and they receive feedback from their customers. "C3 also offers a custom, no-ulterior-motive incentive/rewards program for businesses," says Karl Pischke, "based upon what works for that specific company. C3 takes nothing from this benefit."

What distinguishes C3's program from paid directory advertising, and how can a consumer trust a member company that gets a good rating from C3? It's simple: C3 holds companies to a certain standard of behavior, which is clearly outlined on the C3 web site, and if a company fails to meet that standard its membership is revoked. "It's not about the money," says Karl Pischke. "It's about demanding accountability."

Karl Pischke says that C3's program for businesses will be especially appealing for small companies that can't play the promotional game the way the big stores can. "We intend for C3 to become a superlative 'shop local' program, allowing all of us to find great companies in our own neighborhoods," he says. "We think it will have many other benefits as well, such as bringing jobs to our communities, and even providing people with the courage to start businesses of their own. Starting a business is tough when you're in a sea of competition, where typically the companies that spend the most are the ones that get noticed. Well, word of mouth is still the best advertising, and even the smallest company can get a huge amount of attention with the right kind of word of mouth. They just have to earn it, and C3 supports them in these efforts."

Part of C3's mission is to help heal the disconnect between consumers and businesses. Karl Pischke explains that for decades there have been problems between the two. "And in most cases the root cause, if analyzed, is a disconnect between the businesses and the people they are supposed to be serving," he says.

It is important to note that this disconnect can work two ways. Sometimes the business is to blame, but consumers have responsibilities as well. Companies should certainly be held accountable for unreliable products or unsatisfactory service, for misrepresenting themselves (either deliberately or inadvertently), or for failing to make an honest effort to resolve customer complaints. On the other hand, sometimes consumers have unreasonable expectations. Some may have a legitimate complaint, but they choose to reject all of a company's reasonable efforts to resolve that complaint. A very few are simply serial complainers who are out to get free merchandise, money, or simply attention. C3 hopes its new business model will help reduce all of these occurrences.

"C3 is a community for reasonable people," says Karl Pischke, "whether they're consumers or businesses. Consumers who behave unreasonably will have their membership revoked, just as we do with businesses who don't meet our criteria. We're not just trying to create value; we are also trying to promote values. C3 is about doing what's right. It's about honesty, trust, transparency and accountability. It's about consumers getting the best shopping experience possible, and it's also about businesses earning loyalty."

Karl Pischke concludes, "We believe that most people, including the people who run businesses, are honest and reasonable, so a service like this helps all of them. There is nothing else like C3 out there today, and there is a huge need for it. We think that as more people learn about us we'll really catch on, and we will sweep across the USA and Canada. We intend for C3 to help millions of people."

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