Black Ops 2 Hacks Win While Treyarch Anti-Cheat Bans Legit Players World Wide

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November 20, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- With the release of Black Ops 2 this November, more than one million gamers have already begun battling online. In fact, the first day sales of the game were record breaking, hitting a staggering $500 million. Black Ops 2 has a variety of new features, from added multiplayer and zombie modes to the revolutionary Pick 10 system. Additionally, the game has an all new setting - for the first time in the Call of Duty series, combat takes place in the future. Even the single player campaign has been enhanced, now boasting variable story lines. However, as always, the real draw is the multiplayer action. As is common with the release of competitive multiplayer games, many users have been taking advantage of Black Ops 2 hacks to gain new abilities and improve their gameplay.

While cheats have always been present throughout the years in multiplayer games, Treyarch (the developer of Black Ops 2) has taken measures to prevent them. Their new anti-cheat system, however, does not appear to be servicing the game's fans as much as punishing them. Although the system was designed to single out those using cheats, in reality, it has flagged many players who aren't using Black Ops 2 hacks of any kind. Any player in the game can raise suspicion towards another for using cheats, which, unsurprisingly, alerts Treyarch to many innocent competitors. The anti-cheat team then reviews any suspected account and acts accordingly. Although this may seem legitimate, there have been many incidents where gamers who are not using cheats have been banned from online play. Even worse, some users have reported that after five days of trying to contact Treyarch to resolve the issue, they have yet to receive any response. Thus, they have spent $60 on Black Ops 2 in order to play it online - only to be banned without cause, with no means of restoring their access.

Black Ops 2 Hacks

Despite the efforts to crack down on Black Ops 2 hacks, two websites, and, seem to be doing well. These sites have a huge user base that use the cheats to enhance their online experience. Black Ops 2 hacks provide various gameplay abilities that make any user much more competitive. For example, Aimbot can automatically target nearby enemies, and other features allow players to find enemies much more easily. There are also options which help to make the hack undetectable by other players, such as the Trigger Bot - which only fires on enemies when the cross-hairs are aiming at them. Aimbot can also be modified to appear more natural using Smooth Aim, slowing the movement of the player so it looks unassisted.

It seems that while Treyarch tries to crack down on players using Black Ops 2 hacks, non-users are the ones that get punished. At the same time, those who do use cheats are given abilities to avoid such detection. Perhaps it's time for Treyarch to rethink their strategy, but for now it appears as though the cheats will continue unabated.

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